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    I feel bad :(

    this is the thrid time new people have taken this place over!!! the people before these were selling drugs! i volunteered until i found out they were SELLING DRUGS there. i was hoping these new people would make everything right :(
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    Kennel cough question

    i really doubt my guys will get it. but I am waiting a while before I foster any other dogs to make sure we dont have it.
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    Off-Leash Dog Training

    I wish i could trust my dogs off leash. cannot have an off leash dog that chases cars and bites men! we are working on these things and more with a professional now though. my dream is going back packing with my dogs off leash. they can run in the woods just a little ways, walk ahead of me, and...
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    Did you fart?

    I love Luce she is awesome
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    I feel bad :(

    well, Nichole is gone. And i really dont feel bad. after i dropped her off the manager said "oh yeah, almost all of the dogs are coughing and retching." like she KNEW before I even got Nichole.
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    Kennel cough question

    thank you very much. The shelter dog has just now starting coughing. and is now back at the shelter. my dogs were exposed, but for a short period of time. they are one the bortitella vac. maybe they will not catch it. i am soooo done with this crazy shelter
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    I feel bad :(

    probably so
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    I feel bad :(

    I just called the animal shelter to tell them that I am bringing Nichole back today (foster dog) I just cannot keep her here now knowing that she has NOT been wormed, vet check, or anything else. She was doing lots of coughing last night, and I am scared she has kennel cough. I feel horrible...
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    Kennel cough question

    I am currently fostering for a pretty shady animal shelter, and this IS my last foster through them. I have talked to a collie rescue and I will be fostering though them (YAY!!!) My dogs have their bortitella vac. but i know that it is not 100% effective. is it worth even giving the vac? Is...
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    Does rawhide really clean teeth?

    I do not think there is anything wrong with feeding raw hide if you supervise, and KNOW your dogs chewing habits. I would never feed a strong chewer who is also a fast chewer, and gulper raw hide.
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    Do you have your future dogs named?

    Scandal is our pharaoh hound Rebel is our bi black sheltie Bowie is our chinese crested with one blue eye
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    I Walk My Dog On the Right

    I am also highly confused
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    Ah! Worms on poop?? help...

    yummmm fleas :P
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    Ah! Worms on poop?? help...

    i vote for tapeworm. tapeworm is not a big deal. its def not an emergency. I would just call me vet monday and she would give me some wormer. my vet doesnt even see the dog. i just swing by and pick the wormer up.
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    The 5 best cutest breeds

    well then.... you need to post pics!!!!!