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    What's your ideal number of dogs?

    Honestly I don't know. If you'd asked this 2 months ago I definitely would have said that I enjoy having a pack and that I can easily handle up to 4 without any worries. While that is true after having just Fudge for so long I am really seeing the benefit of only one dog. It's just so easy...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Fudge must have run into the electric fence either at work or where I'm staying. He now refuses to leave my car at work and when he comes over to us during breaks he shakes and pants constantly until I send him back to the car. And where I'm staying has a field where I've been exercising him...
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    The musing thread

    Last week I moved to England to start a new job. So far the job is fine so far and I'm really liking it but the other employees have said stuff about the boss that has me worried. Nothing major and I want to see how things go before I judge. My main concern at the moment is that I was supposed...
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    Prong collars

    I live in the UK. I had never heard of a prong collar until I started visting Chaz. I've never seen one used either. I doubt very many of the people I know would know what they are either. We do manage without them here but it's a different culture. I don't know very many people whose dogs have...
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    The Good News thread

    My neck, shoulders and legs are killing me and I have blisters on my hands and very little time to sleep but the first qualifier horse show of this year is on saturday!! We're not even close to ready but it will get us out and about. Maybe a miracle will happen and we'll qualify!
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    Whos dogs have fought

    We've had quite a few minor scuffles round here. Usually nothing serious that can't be redirected. Fudge/Scamp Taz/Scamp and Fudge/Taz have all at one point argued with each other but they are trusted 100% together now that they have actually grown up a little bit. Tika and Scamp used to...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    I always wonder that. I "clean" the counters in the kitchen after I've made food by swiping the scraps onto the floor. I can't imagine actually having to throw it in the bin. The same with my bread crusts or any food that hasn't been finished. I can't imagine putting food into the bin because...
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    Which breed would you rather have?

    Irish Wolfhound! Saint Bernard or Ibizan Hound?
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    2014: what'd you learn, what'd you accomplish? And what are your dog goals for 2015?

    2014. I didn't really accomplish much with the dogs this year. Fudge got his Gold CGC Aura got her Bronze CGC Scamp got Bronze and Silver ( I think ... ) And that was pretty much all I achieved with them. It seems so little but I think I had quite a good year with them. There were...
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    Do you trust people to watch your dog(s)?

    I used to be very easy going about who could look after our dogs, now i'm slightly more picky. Last time we went away my uncle was supposed to look after our dogs and they wouldn't let him into the house, that has put me off it a bit. If every member of my family was going away, I think I...
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    What is something that you did awesome at when you got your dog/puppy?

    I think off leash skills are one of the best things I managed to do with all of the dogs when they were young. I can let them off leash pretty much anywhere and not worry about it. They're not going to take off after anything, they will come back when they're told, most of them have a reliable...
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    I resolve ....

    I need to: Lose some weight Save a lot of money from university (One of my wage packets from 1 job is going straight to my mum so that I can't spend it.) Start exercising more and spend more time outdoors Start really knuckling under and getting all my work for college done and really...
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    Long time, no see!

    Thank you! Yes Scamp is a nightmare! He ended our walk yesterday on a leash because he was starting to annoy me and I couldn't relax. Everyone else is getting the idea that they have to ignore other dogs and will actually come running back now, if they see another dog ahead on the path. He...
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    Long time, no see!

    Taz has to copy of course! Anything Aura can do, Taz can at least attempt. Both together. I love the blur of Taz' tail. It's always going a mile a minute. She still reminds me of a puppy. Group photos are boring unless I pull out a tennis ball. Unless you're Taz. Then...
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    Long time, no see!

    It's been a while since I last shared pictures of the dogs (Or even posted at all!) here although I do still lurk. I got a new camera for christmas though and have been photographing the dogs ever since. Sorry about the quality, I'm still playing about with the camera and my editing software...