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    "SDs" at Airport?

    Well, here's the thing about service dogs... A lot of people who could legitimately use service dogs don't have a service dog for whatever reason, but do have dogs who are helpful to them and address some of their difficulties. Maybe they have physical issues and the dog helps them to do...
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    Suggest a breed

    How about a golden retriever? The only two of your criteria they might not meet are size and the ability to withstand really hot whether. Goldens tend to be 65-75lb range for males and 60-70lb range for females, though, so they aren't *that* much above your maximum limit, as long as you...
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    What's Going on Here?

    Thanks. Good to know its just a temporary measure that doesn't apply once folks establish themselves. :)
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    What's Going on Here?

    So, I made a post in a thread the other day. I get a message saying it was queued for approval. My post still isn't up, and I didn't get a message saying it was rejected. I set up control panel to subscribe me to the threads I post to, and it did in fact subscribe me to that thread. So...
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    NextDog Plans?

    Probably an eight week old golden retriever. That's what my current dog started out as, and the dog I had as a child. Well, started out as in the sense that that's when my family and then later I acquired them. However, that won't be until my current dog passes away. He's only four years...
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    LGDs and wolf hybrids. Interesting DNA stuff.

    They say there are probably very few true dingos left in the Austrlian outback. What we call dingos are probably now hybrids with a significant amount of western dog DNA, for the most part, so many centuries after the British colonization of Australia. I was reading a summary of some...
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    new pics

    I was going to guess Pit Bull, Bull Dog, and Labrador. :) So, pretty close, I think- pit bulls and bulldogs are descended from or closely related to mastiffs, right? Pretty neat mix. Good pictures. :)
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    Suggest a Breed for Me!

    Sounds like you're in the market for a golden retriever! I especially thought so after reading "I love velcro 'I-want-to-be-with-you-and-touching-you-at-all-times' dogs". Goldens are virtually the definition of friendly. I had one as a child who would lick a hand drapped over a couch for an...