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    Puppy Food Question

    Great! Thanks for the help, it seems to be a good food just wanted some advice! Thanks again!
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    Puppy Food Question

    I have a 7 week old Nova Scotia Duck Toller. I have switched his food from "Purina puppy chow" to "Grain Free Holistic Select Adult & Puppy health". I was recommended this food by a few friends that have it for their adult dogs. Unfortunately the pet stores around here only carry the "Adult &...
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    Crate Training help

    Hey Guys, I am hoping to find a bit of help and tips with crate training. my 7 week old puppy seems to not be scared of his crate. I am wondering where the best place to put it is. We are a family of 5 with at least 1 person (mother) mostly always home. I live in the basement so I was...