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    Interceptor is coming back!!...

    Yes!!!! Finally! Thanks for sharing the good news :)
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    Dangers of Ordering Pet Meds Online

    I agree with Mark here. Vets seem to do this all the time and jack the prices up to fill their own pockets. I've never had a problem ordering from places like PetCareRX and I've gotten PetPlus recently and it's been great!
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    Fleas!!!!! Grr!!!!!

    I try and give my dog preventatives every year, maybe once or twice a year around the flea and tick season, and that usually does the trick! Sorry you're getting it rough this year :(
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    Yeah Nexguard works really well for my dog! I really recommend it. Its usually pretty expensive but I get good prices on it at PetPlus
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    non antibiotic options for a UTI?

    Oof! Yeah UTIs are never fun. I usually just give my dog antibiotics. I know they're usually pretty expensive but I've managed to get really good prices on mine at