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    Nard ate Ender's Game.

    Oh no! I'm quite sure he'll be fine though, not to worry. I'm just re-reading Enders Game for the 3rd time, what a great book.
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    WDJ Top-Approved Dry Foods

    I agree that AAFCO standards are not perfect. However some sort of a benchmark is necessary as a base from which to work on and better than none. AAFCO is also peer-reviewed isn't it, and has been around for a very long time. I'm sure there are worse benchmarks out there. At the end of the day...
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    WDJ Top-Approved Dry Foods

    I'm personally for a more balanced diet, which my dog does so well on. I know that there are many high-protein low-carb formulas and many have found their dogs do great on it. However, while we all know that dogs need protein, there's also evidence that overly high levels of protein are harmful...
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    WDJ Top-Approved Dry Foods

    These foods were listed alphabetically in WDJ. I didn't put out the entire list in my first post but here it is, FYI: Top Approved Dry Foods Addiction Artemis Back to Basics Bench & Fields Breeder's Choice By Nature Burns Canidae Canine Caviar Castor & Pollux Della Natura Diamond...
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    WDJ Top-Approved Dry Foods

    Just read Feb's WDJ and my dog's food, Addiction, is on the list of 2009 top-approved dry foods! I currently feed their Salmon bleu as part of his rotation and he loves it. I feel good as I think Addiction uses excellent quality ingredients. Some other good foods in the list as well...
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    Need Some Food Advice. . .

    I know, sometimes a fantastic food thats great for everyone else just doesn't seem to work. I would personally recommend Addiction, I know they have their own plant, great ingredients, and I've always had very positive experiences with their food. They have both grain and grain-free foods...
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    Salmon Heads

    I asked a similar question about salmon sometime back, got some useful advce to beware of dioxin levels, and that salmon form the pacific northwest is to be avoided. If your fish is definitely frozen or farm-raised then it should be fine! I give my dog cooked fish 1-2 times a week.
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    Can't stop laughing

    I love House! He's brit and he does a fantastic american accent. Have you also watched Black Adder? He plays completely different, ditzy kind of characters. Hilarious.
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    Husky - not interested in dog food

    What do you currently feed him? My friend's husky is the same, and a trick she discovered was to use raw dehydrated food as a topper for the food, it was the only way she could get the dog to eat on a regular basis. She feeds Addiction (as do I) and she keeps a stash of raw dehydrated to...
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    Our New Addition!! (with picture)

    He's a very lucky dog to have found such wonderful owners!
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    Too much fish?

    Thanks! I initially thought lots of fish, especially salmon, was good cos of the benefits of omega and all that. Its definitely farm-raised. My dog gets mostly beef in addition to fish, so I think I'll cut adjust to give less cooked fish. I'v read about raw so many times but I'm not really ready...
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    my dog ate chocolate, now what?

    My dog has done the EXACT same thing with my macs sundae leftovers, I was so worried but he was perfectly fine. I hope yours will be too! I called my vet who said the chocolate content was too little to do any harm, but just monitor him for a couple of days and see how it goes.
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    Too much fish?

    If I'm feeding my dog a fish-based dry food, would it be overdoing it if I also give some fresh cooked fish? My dog is on a rotation diet and gets home-cooked food in addition to Addiction Salmon Bleu dry food. Thanks!
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    Dog saves kittens! So touching!
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    When you were a kid

    When I was a kid I desperately wanted an English springer spaniel! I still think they're lovely but as I got older I wanted a bigger dog. I'd like an Old English Sheepdog one day but am pretty happy with my Dal right now. :)