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    German Shepherd jumps to No. 2 among top dogs in U.S.

    German Shepherds are Great I am not suprized about the number (2) position, they are truly amazing dogs. They are beautiful, intelligent, and loyal. I too, am worried of the implications resulting from over breeding. Over breeding is not a good thing for any breed, but this is one breed that...
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    House Breaking a Dog w/o being mean??

    Potty Training Your Puppy Hi, welcome to the "No Magic Bullet" of potty training your puppy. The internet forums, blogs, ebooks, etc..., are filled with similar information. So for the sake of brevity I will lend you this formula that has worked so well for many of our Long Island Dog...
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    Puppy Potty Training by Dedicated Dog Training

    Spamming is Determined by Seniority Spamming is determined by seniority?
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    Puppy Potty Training by Dedicated Dog Training

    Is copying my post, writing a one liner, and then leaving your website address considered spamming? I was just curious.
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    I Walk My Dog On the Right

    Which Side Should Your Dog Walk On? In my opinion, I believe it is the owner's preference. I have (2) dogs, and (1) is trained to walk on the left and right on command. The other will be trained to do the same. The most frequent heeling background story I hear is the 'hunting one' too...
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    Puppy Potty Training by Dedicated Dog Training

    Potty Training your puppy is a very easy concept, but extremely difficult for many pet owners to follow. Potty training can be somewhat challenging, if not frustrating. There are unfortunately no short cuts when it comes to potty training. A puppy must be giving the oppurtunity to...
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    Long Island Dog Obedience Training

    As a dog trainer, I have the privledge to meet many different people and speak to them about their dog training needs. My Long Island Dog Obedience Training School affords me the oppurtunity to assist many people with their dog and puppy problems. Many times I am called to an evaluation and...
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    Off-Leash Dog Training

    Off-Leash Dog Training, is becoming more popular and popular these days. I have been around dogs a long time. Years ago, if a dog was off-the-leash you assumed the dog broke off. Today many pet owners are opting for off-leash dog training. The benefits are extreme. Off-Leash Dog Training...