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    No search function?????

    That's really lame.
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    Small dogs for people who dislike most small dogs

    I think one of the best dogs for your situation is a chihuahua of the techichi type. Good news....the best place to find one is your local pound. Techichis are a genetic throwback to ancestral stock. They run 10+ pounds as opposed to 3-5 lbs for chihuahuas. Typical techichi has a hard...
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    That the ten-pound chihuahua is not bred out after a century of eugenics and doggie incest suggests a strong genetic footprint. There's adequate evidence that these dogs have been around for a few thousand years. Your dog-effigy photos are cherry-picked. Far more of them portray the deerhead...
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    Hello, my name is David and I live in Modesto, California. When I was growing up in the 1950 thru the 70s, we bred bullmastiffs, but as I've gotten older I have had smaller dogs. I currently have a chihuahua of the techichi type - the politically incorrect one. I've become interested in the...