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    Onyx roadtrips to San Francisco

    I can't believe that gorgeous creature was in my city and I didn't get to meet her, sadness. She is absolutely stunning and your trip sounds like a great time!
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    Didgeridoo Turns Two!

    No way is she two! She has grown up beautifully Linds :)
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    The Creeps

    Oh Corvus, you are still the most hilarious dog. I love him and it's so great to see him. Ditto is absolutely stunning as well!
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    Onyx 10 Months (video and a few pics)

    Wow, what a beautiful girl.
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    What's the rarest dog breed you've met?

    Off the top of my head... Caucasian Ovcharka Fila Tosa Inu Xolo Bavarian Mountain Hound German Coolie Presa Canario Alano Espanol Quite a few Dogo's, Neo's, and Corsi.
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    Puppy pictures

    Oh man... the amount of cute in this thread is unreal. Here's one of my boy:
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    Those of you with guardy dogs

    I don't own a gaurdy dog currently... but my Dane, Freckles, had to be crated in an entirely separate room, with the door closed. She was not allowed to just interact with guests. We ended up having a very strict "no uninvited guests" rule.
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    What's a lab to do on a rainy day?

    What a beautiful girl! She has such kind eyes.
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    What's your personality?

    I have taken this many times as well. I'm an ISFP (though my preference towards sensing is very low and I do come up as INFP from time to time). It fits.
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    More (better) winter pics

    Wow... can I come live with you? lol. What amazing scenery. Your dogs are quite stunning as well :)
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    Meet Ditto

    Keri, she is gorgeous! Congratulations :) also, Corvus <3 It's been too long.
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    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    You guys are terrible! :p APBT :) I was actually 100% set on a herder (or so I thought)... but I could not say no to this particular breeding. Sooo... :D
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    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    Looks like I will have something to add to this thread come February/March.... :) ...but that is all I am saying for now, lol.
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    My Kaylee Dog

    Oh no. I am so, so sorry Lindsey... ((hugs)) Kaylee has always been one of my very favorites... rest well pretty girl.