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    Comment by 'dallas' in media 'I'm so cute ! (*9 weeks old*)'

    I just love that face.! I remember when my Dallas had the cone head. They are the BEST dogs!!! Great pic!
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    Comment by 'dallas' in media 'Once a year everyone is Irish.'

    I just love that boston face...Great pic!!
  4. Sleepy face!

    Sleepy face!

    The usual spot...on the couch!
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    Comment by 'dallas' in media 'Ch Pit Bulls in the snow'

    Beautiful dogs...looks like they are posing! Love it!!! You must be a proud owner!!!
  6. Flopping anywhere after a good run....

    Flopping anywhere after a good run....

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    Comment by 'dallas' in media 'FONZI'

    What a beauty!!!!
  8. Happy Holidays!!! Love, Dallas

    Happy Holidays!!! Love, Dallas

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    Comment by 'dallas' in media 'Bed hog!'

    Ha!hA! Renee...that is too funny of a comment! It is probably exactly what she is thinking. I am surprised how she has not touched the flowers yet. But then again, the minute she gets on there she starts snoozing and will not move!!!And we are the suckers that let her stay! Thanks for the...
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    Comment by 'dallas' in media 'Handsome Boy'

    great dog!
  11. Always watching!

    Always watching!

  12. Bed hog!

    Bed hog!

  13. Look at that face!

    Look at that face!

  14. What are you doing?

    What are you doing?

    Dallas just loves having her picture taken!
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    Comment by 'dallas' in media 'Dallas...only a couple of weeks old!!'

    Thank you all for your sweet comments! Dallas is a full bred boxer, now turning 11 months. She is loads of energy and loads of fun. I cherish this picture because the breeder sent it to us a week before we got her. Now she is every bit of 60lbs and growing. We love her dearly...what a great breed!