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    so McCain's choice is interesting

    I was so excited about the announcement I just about did a happy dance down my aisle at work. It was hard to stay in my cubicle. LOL I have a friend in Alaska so we already knew about her. She's down to earth, straightforward..... basically not a politician. hahaha... I could not be any happier...
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    Anyone else preparing for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay?

    WooHOo!! I think we just figured it out. I have a friend that said he can have a sleepover at her house.YAY!
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    Anyone else preparing for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay?

    We aren't evacuating because it doesn't look that bad. My parents live next door and so we will probably just spend the night there. Our home isn't safe if the winds kick up too strong. Unfortunately my parents won't let Bo in their home. :mad: ARGHHH!!! Darn you Fay! I don't need this...
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    Anyone else preparing for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay?

    They are expecting Hurricane strength before it hits Jax... We are heading over to my parent's house.We aren't concerned about the rain, it's just the tornado threat that gets us. My parent's house is much more solidly built. :rolleyes: I've got to decide what to do with Bo. :confused:
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    Ugh, anybody have a gas mask I can borrow?

    Ewww.... When we first got Bo, he would stink himself out of a room. LOL
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    An Early Birthday Celebration...

    A few more... Thanks for letting me share!
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    An Early Birthday Celebration...

    We drove into the city today for an early dinner to celebrate my birthday. There's a large shopping center in downtown Jacksonville called The Landing. It's right on the St John's river and the boys had a ton of fun! We had dinner at a restaurant that is sort of like a Mongolian BBQ but...
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    Then & now pictures... a size comparison.

    I have a thing for the black & white color combo myself. I love when they have that little "tuxedo" look. By the way, want to see why he's so happy? I had just come home to this.... Thanks! I do to! Yeah. We were pretty sure that he wasn't a chi mix soon after we got him. We just weren't...
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    Then & now pictures... a size comparison.

    March 14th... August 7th. Same blue toy as in first picture We've hit 40lbs already...:yikes: Anyone want to help me guess when my Chihuahua mix will quit growing? :rofl1:
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    I get an extra discount from my employer so it's usually a really good deal.
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    Shooting dogs?

    I think for us it would depend on the situation. If it was something that was foreseeable, I would definitely take them to the vet. We have put several animals to sleep with a bullet but they would not have made it to the vet. We live in a rural area and people are constantly speeding down our...
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    For pit bull lovers!!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Anyone want to adopt an adorable puppy?

    Awww.. She looks like a such a sweetie!
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    Would you let an 8 yr old child

    Sorry, I read that as someone assuming I was a guy. :rofl1: I know I'm not well known on here and my screen name isn't any help. I'm a firm believer that any church doctrine or belief must be backed up with scripture. I have no problems with traditions as long as they are not contradictory to...
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    Would you let an 8 yr old child

    ;) Here's a picture of me... I promise sexist is not the reason. Is it ok to give scripture reference on this site to explain? I don't want to break a rule..:)