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    Delete my account?

    You could change your password..not look at what you are typing (just mumbo jumbo) and then copy it when you have to repeat your password. Then when you want to come back, just reset it :).
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    Considering trialing in Obedience

    I've been trialing in rally with the hopes of doing obedience eventually! I entered in BN at a trial, but NQd, but I'm going back to doing classes now. Are you on fb? Shoot me a PM :).
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    Gusto's DNA Test

    The sibling you guys still know looks like..Chi or Xolo or something :p.
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    Anyone else have a puppy crazy dog?

    Skye has an infatuation with puppies, she really likes them and likes to follow them around and roo-roo at them. She just gets so happy excited when I bring a puppy in the house.
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    Intact males + females

    At the boarding kennels I've worked at, we had people board their girls in heat (in runs with a cover).
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    Secret Santa Reveal

    Here's my reveal thread!
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    Secret Santa Came! Thanks Katie!!

    Skye mostly participated in walking around looking miserable and then eating yummy things later haha They really liked the puzzle! Thank you SO much Katie, you spoiled us!! We are stocked with goodies for a while now!!
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    Secret Santa Came! Thanks Katie!!

    Sorry it took me so long, I've been super busy! Erm, they just aren't very good at opening wrapping paper. And Fiona was side eyeing the other dogs and just.. I had to help them mostly but they loved everything! What's in here? I loved the goat horns, and they do too! What a cool...
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    Tell me about forced air dryers

    I find that too. Maybe it would be fine for a thinner long coat, but it's not worth my time to dry them with it unless I'm showing. Or if the coat is dry, to fluff. Lol..I never use it after swimming, it's easier to stick them outside to dry for a while.
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    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    It doesn't post on the timeline but I think though it does show the person as in a suggested group. Sometimes I come across "Crazy Dog **** - Jess Lough is a member" even though it's closed.
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    Tell me about forced air dryers

    I have a small orange metro too, metro mini or something, it works well but isn't crazy powerful.
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    Secret Santa Reveal

    My SS arrived! We love everything, the dogs love everything! I got some photos but I'm going to get some more tomorrow and post em up! :D Thank you Katie!!!
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    Secret Santa Reveal

    Thanks, glad you like everything! I'm glad it got there, another package I sent at the same time is stuck somewhere :(.
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    Secret Santa Reveal

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    Official 2015 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    Mailed today! Add me to the super bad wrapping list. It looks like a two year old with a cocaine addiction wrapped it. I all of a sudden got half a day off and I had to wrap fast and run to the post office.