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    Peggy on Prozac

    I've got the other case. My dog (spitz, 6 years, male) was diagnosed alopecia X. The vet offered us these options no treatment or using Melatonin. He claims that the method is not very effective, but very safe. I don't know what to do, there are so many side effects even for people, not to...
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    Top 8 'People Foods' That Are Toxic To Pets

    I know that avocado is also somehow poisonos for cats
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    Who are you buying your puppy from?

    Sometimes it happens that dogs find me, but not I do that. All my dogs were found by chance
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    Feeling guilty and finding it hard to cope - advice??

    A crate is a real thing!!I've got a husky puppies long ago, and you know, when you let them be at home alone, there's a total mess around the house! A crate was my rescue