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    Emergency Recall (as promised) from dr2

    I did a piece on emergency recall on my site dog-training-care-behavior and got all kinds of people bashing me. Most of them said that this tactic would not work with a prey driven dogs. What is your experience with prey driven dogs? My dog did great with ER training, but he isin't prey driven...
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    At What Age to Spay/Neuter: An Evidence-Based Study

    My office recommends between 5 and 6 months of age for both males and females. Doesn't make any difference what breed. If we have an aggressive puppy or one that is becoming dominate we will recommend it closer to 5 months. If there is a female with a juvenile vulva, we recommend that they go...
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    When It's Bloat

    We see many bloat cases at my hospital and we have a surprising number of smaller dogs that we see with it. It is more commonly known to happen in large, deep chested dogs, but any size dog can have it happen. We had a dachshund come in bloated once!
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    Top 8 'People Foods' That Are Toxic To Pets

    When I was growing up we used to feed my cocker spaniel grapes all of the time. He never had a problem, but I later found out that feeding him those was not such a great idea. I also heard that feeding dogs pork products is not good either. I don't remember at the moment why, but I don't feed my...
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    What will your next dog be?

    I would take another American Bull dog in a minute, but when the time comes I will take whatever will fit into my household at the time. I rescued this one and I will rescue the next one as well.
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    Need vibes

    That is really scary, but it is easily resolved when you catch it early. Good luck to both of you!
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    Laser Therapy- anybody have any experience?

    We have used it a few times on incision sites for animals that are hard to handle, and we routinely use it after cruciate surgeries. I think that it helps with the healing process, but I was just wondering what everybody else thought. Thanks for the responses!
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    Laser Therapy- anybody have any experience?

    My office recently got a therapy laser. We have used it a few times on different patients, but I'm interested in seeing if anyone has had any personal experience with their dog?:)
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    What can I put on dry skin?

    Fish oils are always good to try and the bag balm is a great idea as well. Giving him a bath in oatmeal shampoo (I'm sure your vet already suggested that) can help as well. This is a very bad allergy season, good luck!
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    Dog won't stop "going at" sore area

    They make blow up collars that look like little doughnuts that strap around their neck. You can also try putting a baby sock on the foot. My office has a therapy laser that we use for lick granulomas, and hot spots. I don't know if your vet or anyone close by has one, but you could look into...
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    What To Do If Animal Control Knocks on Your Door

    I wouldn't let them in anyway. My dog does not like men and most officers are men. I don't have anything to hide, but I wouldn't want him to feed on my nervousness and try to get between me and the officer. I don't think that I would have a problem with any of my neighbors calling Animal...
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    At my wits end with this dog!

    He may not look stressed about being in his crate while you are around and he may go in on his own, but when he is closed in his crate and you are not around it may be a different story. A lot of dogs get very anxious when closed into a small space and they completely lose their mind!
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    rainy day at the house

    My American Bulldog and I are stuck in the house today because it is raining. He is very upset at the fact that we can't go outside and play and he has been moping around the house all morning. He wants to go outside and I let him go out, he just turns around and looks at me like "aren't you...
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    Your Dogs Name: Why You Chose The Dog Name You Did

    Corey came into my office with a Humane Society officer as a 6 month old with a severe skin infection. He was diagnosed with mange and was scheduled to be euthanized if someone didn't claim him because the shelter didn't want to pay for his treatment. I fell in love with him at first sight and...
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    I'm new here

    I joined a few weeks ago, but really haven't gotten around to introducing myself yet. I work as a veterinary assistant at a large vet hospital and I own an American Bulldog and 6 cats. I joined this blog to try and help others with some questions that they may have about their dogs as well as...