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    Where can I find this crate?

    eBay and they're hard to come by! It's an older model that replaced their original plastic fold down crates that they released in the mid-1990s.
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    New title on the AHT Wonder Twins!

    Well, the coated Hairless Wonders .... ;) Spud (final portion of test, threatening stranger) OE (final portion of test, threatening stranger) As you can see, Spud put a little more effort into it. ;)
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    New title on the AHT Wonder Twins!

    My two AHTs earned their ATTS Temperament Tested (TT) title this Saturday. It was a huge accomplishment for us, as this makes them the first AHTs to have been tested and earn this title in the history of the organization. Just had to brag on my girls ....
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    Lets play....

    I say Rat Terrier too. There is so much diversity in breed type, from size to physical structure, so I'd say this dog could easily be a purebred.
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    Hypothetical Breeding Situation

    Exactly how I was thinking .... :)
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    Can dogs fake behavior?

    Not really what you're talking about, but an interesting behavior nonetheless. Dora pretends to pee when I send the group out to pee and she doesn't want to go yet. She knows she can't come in unless she goes, so she squats, looks at me, then comes trotting in. I can tell she didn't urinate...
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    Sheltie Resources

    I'll PM you. I don't like posting breeders on message boards.
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    Laws on number of dogs in your city?

    Fortunately I'm in the county and can have up to 9. In the city, it's 4. I do know of some other cities/counties in this state where you can only have 2 PETS ... insane!!!!
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    Sheltie Resources

    I know some breeders in Florida, but that might be a stretch. Performance dogs with great temperaments.
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    Can someone tell me this breed?

    As Milo's Mom said, there is a lot of variety in the breed "type". Also, there is a Leopard Cur (now called the American Leopard Hound - UKC recognized), that looks very similar and many folks use the names interchangeably with the Catahoula Leopard Dog.
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    Seasonal allergy relief?

    Another choice for OTC antihistamines is chlorpheniramine; just be sure you get the singular drug - it's a common combo-drug. It's an oldie, but a goodie. I used it with a boy who had allergies to oak pollen (and my neighborhood was lined with them). Benadryl did nothing for him, but this...
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    So, Meet Rocky!

    Well, I was thinking Affenpinscher mix, so Brussels isn't so strange. Going with more popular breeds, I'd guess there's some Schnauzer in there. Something about his head has me thinking maybe some Boston Terrier, or even Pug. Except for the ears and color, I really don't see Scottie...
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    What's a behaviorist?

    I just want to see two things in a behaviorist (1) credentials and (2) proof. CM has neither. I wouldn't discount a person without a degree/certificate if he/she could show me what he/she has done.
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    Im thinking about....

    Not looking to ruffle any feathers, but ANY breed of dog can be trained to herd or drive sheep. What they lack in instinct can be covered by training and handler knowledge. I agree that the stock's well-being should be taken into account, but can't imagine the stock owner and/or people...
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    What's a behaviorist?

    "I'm the Queen of England!" It's that simple. You call yourself something, so that makes it true. ;) In my opinion, a true behaviorist is certified (may not be a DVM, but has had training through an accredited agency/institution). With that said, I feel I have a very strong understanding of...