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    vibes for Rosey?

    Sad to hear this :( Sending vibes and prayers your way x
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    Think I'm finally done with this tattoo

    Wow! Love it, and yeah welldone for being brave enough that must have hurt!
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    Rosey pictures!

    Pretty pretty pretty girl! Im jealous of all that snow! ;(
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    They're getting big! Too cute not to share!

    O my goodness. Adorable!!!!!!!
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    She lives!

    Stunning! I love the colour in this whole set. Quinn is amazing :0 those eyes!
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    Sorry to hear. Rip Lilly. xxXxx
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    Wow your dog is ugly

    Coco gets the whole "rat" thing or "what is that?", I find it really insulting. I would neverrrrrr say anything mean about someones dog in earshot of them, so rude!
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    Everyone ready on the East Coast?

    Just saw this in the news! Hope your all ok out there! x
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    So...Internet dating...

    Interesting mix of feedback. For me its mainly usefull since I dont have any male friends,most of my friends dont either so its quite hard to meet guys. There is no way in hell I would even look twice at the men I work with as most of them are complete nightmares(estate agents :mad: ) Anyway its...
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    So...Internet dating...

    POF is hilar! Literally getting so many laughs from just browsing the amount of nutty people. I think good common sense is the way to go! See this is how I normally think.When single friends used to say to me "Where can I meet a guyyyy" Id say stuff like "Just live your life and someone...
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    So...Internet dating...

    Hmmm interesting feedback so far. I've been surprised by the amount of seemingly normal people my age who do this.
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    So...Internet dating...

    Tell me what you think :) Have you tried it? Have you paid for it? Have you met people off "the internet" or dating sites? What experiences have you had/heard of...good or bad? How dangerous is the infamous "stranger of the internet"? Just let loose with your fingers and tell me all...
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    Who are you? 2012 Edition

    I love browsing this thread. ;) You and Briggs are geeeorrrggyuuusss!!!
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    I has Joey pics

    Stunning dog! Really nice pics too.