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    New pics of Aj (be prepared for quite a few)

    Why rude comment, the photos are absolutely great!!!! :) :p he is a beauty!
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    Breeding/Showing Question

    You would think that, wouldn't you?! .... Well let me tell you that that's not the case at all. I visit loads of dog shows in Europe and when I find a bit more time I shall start showing my boy again. I have met so many breeders from all over Europe and some really do take care of their dogs the...
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    Breeding/Showing Question

    Oh man, showing...breeding....which dogs are worthy of breeding and which aren't. There's so much to discuss, but let me just say a few things. A lot depends on the breed..... there are many breeds who divide into working and show lines. Now I have to say that with most of those breeds I much...
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    Thank you

    I wish there were more people like you in this world!! :hail: :) I like this forum as well...... no b*******, just good advice!
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    Bullmastiff....Great dane?

    Bullmastiffs and Great Danes..... 2 completely different breeds, so you really have to make sure you know which qualities you're looking for. ;)
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    Anyone have a Wolf Hybrid? (no hating please)

    Okay all this talk about hybrid dogs..... if you like the type of dog, why not simply buy a pup from an already recognized breed that looks like a wolf? Here are 2 such breeds and I have actually seen them at European dog shows :) : Chechoslovakian Wolfdog and Saarloos Wolfhound...
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    Breeding/Showing Question

    Quite frankly I don't really understand the AKC rules. I am from Europe which means that we register with FCI. Now, when a breeder does all the health tests on his dogs and before he decides breeding, he needs to go to an event very much like a dog show, but specialized for a breed. When a...
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    Chinese Cresteds?

    That is so exciting Foxy!!! :p I love those little "devils", they are so energetic and playful. They are extremely outgoing dogs and always fun to have around. I never had one myself, but many of my dog show friends have them, so i get to spend quite a lot of time with them. They are all very...
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    Fur colour changes with maturity

    I find that to be very true!! Billy is a perfect example..... just look at his colour. He used to be really dark and if I comapre his puppy pics it looks like a completely different dog! Billy 4 weeks: Billy now:
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    Cavalier Puppies!

    They are LOVELY!!! :) :p I was just wondering.... how much does a Cav pup cost in US? In Europe they're really common and prices are not particularly high..... unlike Chihuahuas! :(
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    dressing up dogs

    I never used to dress any of my dogs...... I only have a warm winter coat and something for the rain for Billy. But even that just because he's so small and gets cold easily......
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    The Official "What are you reading" Thread

    Small Places, Large Issues by T.H. Eriksen. It's a must have anthropological book..... you can't stop reading it! :) I also love anything from E. Hemingway.....
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    What Languages. . . . . . . . .

    My first language is Slovenian, I can also speak English, can communicate in Italian, German and Croatian (all 3 are our neighbouring countries :) ).
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    MSN Messenger

    I'm on it all the time LOL......... [email protected]
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    Pitbulls and American Bulldogs, look at these pics, are they right?

    Quite frankly those 2 Pits look more like a Staffordshire Bull Terriers, though their ears are never cropped....... they're short and stocky and their bodies do look a bit like this. Sorry, don't know anything about American Bulldogs, as FCI doesn't recognize them.....