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    "FAUX" fake fur really DOG fur!

    I dont agree that fur farms are the same as raising any other animal, at all. Even cattle farmers who slaughter tend to use as much as they can. If they're smart, anyhow. There is no reason to kill something just so you can say "this is genuine fur/leather", EVER. I have faux fur that is...
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    Would you use this?

    I have some. *blushes*
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    Jesus doesnt like it.

    Same here! I heard a mother say to her kid once "If you don't listen to me, God is going to get mad at you. Little boys are to listen to their don't want to be a sinner do you?" Ugh, it's disgusting. I'm not a religious person, but I believe in the right to express yourself...
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    Foxhounds, I need someone with experience

    By the way, see if he'll join the fourm. I want to see puppy pictures, if that's what he gets!!! Hound puppies just drive the little men that spin my cute wheel crazy!
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    Service dog not allowed in Wal mart

    They've heard from me as well! On more than one occasion.
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    Foxhounds, I need someone with experience

    Well, I never owned Foxhounds, but I grew up with Harriers. They are between the Beagles and Foxhounds in size, and just as sweet. I loved them! My grandparents bred them for hunting, and the puppies were very very vocal, but all of ours were trained pretty easily. See if he is interested in...
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    Service dog not allowed in Wal mart

    Firstly...screw Walmart. I have had horrible experiences with every one I've lived near and tried to shop in regularly. And as others said, this just adds to my hatred for them. This is extremely disrespectful. Also, I have a friend who became disabled. She has a Rottweiler that, after becoming...
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    What breeds are quietest?

    I'll attest to Shibas...mine love to make noise! :D They don't bark, they talk to me. Boy do they ever talk. That almost mournful cry (obviously saying "MOM FEED ME YOUR FOOD!, i saw you season it better than mine") and those paws start going up and pawing in the air at me, haha. My Chows are...
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    I'm Back!

    Welcome back!
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    Invisible Children

    I live in the wonderful state of Virginia. There was a week last winter, it snowed 3 inches, and the next three days it was above 65. Sorry for getting off topic!
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    Invisible Children

    Eh, we don't watch the weather anyway. Stay here a few minutes, it will change if you're upset with it. Ugh!
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    Invisible Children

    BTW, they save essays for the english classes. Completely out of range for this particular class.
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    Invisible Children

    I am not the biggest fan of public education either. My youngest is homeschooled, my older daughter likes public school because of her friends, so I don't make her be homeschooled. She loves going. My youngest hates it, though. She cannot be pushed, and the teachers here push the young children...
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    Can you give a guess as to the breed?

    I'd say Rott/Shepherd..the ears look like they are just itching to try and stand up some more, lol. Though, there are longhaired Rottweilers, so they could be Rott/Lab as well. Easier to tell when they grow into themselves better, though. Puppies go through some WEIRD looking phases.
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    How Not to Talk to Your Kids

    That's a really good idea! My son was always interested in the guitar. He took lessons, and now he plays in a band that is extremely popular in our area, and even went on a tour across the country to more than 10 states, spreadout. Music is an amazing tool, especially for confidence building...