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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    If I can steal the Hyundai from either Steven or my brother, I'll be there. Three dogs will be with me. I may camp, but I may spring for a motel, I don't have an air mattress, and I'm really interested to see if you can get Indy and Harrison off the dock!!
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    I miss my '96 ZJ. A buddy of mine has a TJ Sport, I can't remember what year it is. Nice Jeep though. Miss the trails like hell.
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    RedBrick....farms? Apiary? Mental Institute?

    Where in GA are these bees coming from? because, y'know.. I am in GA.... lol
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    RedBrick....farms? Apiary? Mental Institute?

    I <3 bees. I loved your pictures! I want to have bees.
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    Just out of curiousity/for fun, pick a breed for me!

    Long Haired Whippet or Silken Windhound?
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    Official "Flea Market" thread

    Leashes are ten, plus shipping, collars are eight plus shipping. Four leashes all four feet. Collars range from xlarge to small. I can get an exact measurement on each if someone is interested in them.
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    Labrador Retriever

    Thank you! I couldn't put it into words at all.
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    Oh my gosh, she's such a doll. My moms Boxers never make such nice faces for pictures lol. Their teeth are always stuck in their lips or their tongues are hanging out the side of their mouth or something lol. Remo is going grey too, and she's six I think. Maybe seven? I'm not positive, I'd...
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    I don't think any boxers are normal lol. And Juno is OBVIOUSLY a Boston. Just like my moms Boxer who's ears are cropped is either a pit bull or a Doberman :p I always thought her coloring was called seal? Since it's not truly black? (I can see in a lot of her pictures, especially in the sun...
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    Lessening shedding? There's an air dryer listed here, but I may go for one slightly higher power. I'm not sure. I don't care about the noise, and neither do my dogs, I can about how much freaking fur I can blow off of them :p
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    Lessening shedding?

    Oops, sorry, was referring to the Furminator brand. Annie linked me to a force air dryer I'm saving up to buy as well, but for the life of me I can't find it. It may be on her blog though.
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    Meet Lucy

    I'm sorry to hear about Blue and Verde too :( Very glad Lucy landed with you!! She's gorgeous!
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    Lessening shedding?

    I have heard amazing wonderful things about their deshedding shampoo and conditioner. I'm going to be trying these with my beasts and investing in a force air dryer. I'm tired of tumbleweeds :p (Even though I totally signed up for them, lmao)
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    Three's a crowd?

    I currently have three, plus my moms two, so the household itself has five dogs in it :p My three are all herder brains. Three (the third dog, her name is three lol) is much lower key than my Malinois and my Dutch, even though she's a GSD. She plays when she feels like it, but otherwise, she...
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    Flight Rising?

    Luipaard. She's basically my favorite ever. We would go everywhere together. She eats insects and plants, but she would catch food for me and the dogs. And Miu would go with us. And be our night guard at camp wherever we camped. We would go to all the beaches, and all the mountains and never...