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    Dreadful News (Misty)

    I'm so sorry for your loss but at least Misty is no longer suffering from being so ill. Our hearts are with you.
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    I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help get the word out

    Good job trying to get help for those little ones. It's just too bad that the wheels of justice usually run so slowly, some will die before they get help but that is about all you can do. At least you know you have tried to help them.
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    Bashful Bandit, Spunky Spanky and Miley the Mop pictures

    Such cute dogs and you can tell they are well taken care of.
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    Bad Dog Grooming Experiences, Please Share...

    One of my Yorkies had her Achilles heel tendon cut by a breeder last year. We are still fighting her about her responsibilities in this. She is permanently lamed. Still loveable and runs around like she doesn't need that foot but we are still so upset. I've been trying to do my own grooming...
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    Puppies do the darndest things...

    That is so common. Puppies do it a lot, maybe they are like teenagers and their hormones are all in an uproar...
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    Beagle Urgent, attacked by dogs in pen, OH

    That is so sad. Very upsetting to think of all the time in the cage with the others being attacked.
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    Guess what I saw at Petsmart

    The mother's immunity should help protect the puppy but that won't help with the stress of being taken away from momma and handled so much. Poor puppy, it probably doesn't stand a chance to live.
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    THIS WILL BREAK YOUR HEART, It did mine :(

    Sorry but I couldn't finish watching it. The state that place is in needs to have stonger laws and requirements for dog breeders. Kansas used to have a very bad reputation but since requiring licenses and inspections that has improved drastically. This was a very bad place but there are good...
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    what's wrong with my dog's ears?

    I vote for a trip to the vet as soon as possible. There are many different things that could be causing this and the poor dog must be miserable.
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    Doggy Jail

    They really have that pitiful, help me look down. They are so cute. That is a very good picture.
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    Pooping on bed because she is mad?

    I totally agree with Doverluv. I think if you start following that you should soon start to see some improvement. I belive I would start keeping the bedroom doors shut along with kenneling them until they learn the new behavior.
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    Elwood's got the runs

    Loose stools are no fun for the owner or the dog. The best route if there is no fever is to withhold food but you need to make sure that they don't become dehydrated so try to get them to still drink plenty of fluids. They will be losing a lot of fluid in the loose stools. If it persists I would...
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    I gambled once on a stud that only had one down at the time I purchased him hoping that it would come down before he was 6 months old. It didn't and I had to have him neutered. My vet said there is a higher rate of cancer if you don't have them neutered since the testicles are not designed to be...
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    Puppies Are Biodegradable

    That is horrible. I can't believe that someone would do that. You can always find a home for a puppy, if it doesn't sell surely he could give them away.
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    Can I do a teeth-cleansing myself?

    I use this product on my dogs teeth to help naturally remove plaque and clean my dog's teeth. You can find it here: