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    Long time!

    Wow, its been a long time since I been on. Studies have been keeping me from doing much of anything. I been back home for Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, how was everyones? :popcorn: How has everyone been? Just have been enjoying things, I have finished my semister and I am on christmas...
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    The New "Man"

    Well the reason that I am ticked off is because, I met this guy before. He is nice but he isn't somebody I get along with. Mainly because his girlfriend, I called her a ***** 3 months ago because she was going around acting like one. We meet, she will know who I am and then all hello will break...
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    The New "Man"

    Okay, so I got this new boyfriend. Now I won't lie I am enjoying it but I want to take things slow after just breaking up with the first one. Well, we made a big date planned for sunday night okay? He goes and invites his best friend and his girlfriend. I really mind it and I told him that and...
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    Have you ever been to the cinema alone?

    YAP I been to the movies alone xD! It was becuse nobody wanted to see the movie I wanted to see and I had to go it alone.
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    At what age

    Haha! I feel like a loser now that im 23 and still have mine. ALL my awesome awesome friends lost theres in college XD but if imma to get preg. I want it to be with a good guy. So I be a good girl and wait!
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    Man farts at cop, charged with battery

    LMAO!!!! That was funny. Whats next, breathing gets you assulting an officer? Seriously!
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    Pretty awesome and interesting.

    Weird... Wonder what there accencts sound like. Omg southern accencts annoy the sh** outta me!
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    Another breed guessing game for ya.

    Ugghhh I don't see how you can see puggle in that. I see puggle and that breed isnt as pretty as that ladies dog! I am going to guess Border collie/ unknown. They have tests that you can get done to determine the breed.
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    Okay, maybe I lied

    I got all my girlfriends rounded up and we had a party!! Freedom party!! It felt so good. I didnt even think about him once. We had a few beers and played the music. Things are back to normal today :popcorn:
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    Who's watching the Presidential address on the economy?

    I dont watch that boring crap. I was out having a good time with my girlfriends. We all got together and threw a party!! Hey I wanna see david blaine!!! Anyone who could do them stunts and live is amazing. I saw him on Oprah one day.
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    Think your teen can't pick up their room?

    Holy crap!!! How can someone smoke that many ciggies?!?
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    Okay, maybe I lied

    Dada, I have no idea what is wrong with me! I went to the old cafe where we use to meet at lunch time and I see him there with another girl. I mean I shouldnt of went there but my body made me. Its like I guess I really needed to see that he was moved on and doing okay. There is still a lot of...
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    You know what I hate?

    I know what you mean although my ex-boyfriend never lived with me. They didnt have the room at campus. Now I am sort of glad. Men love to annoy the Sh*t out of girls and then they act all cute with there "its a guy thing." Well guy thing is just an excuse and they can shove it too. I am no...
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    I may have mentioned this before...... (female thing)

    Haha!! That is gross. I guess that is just mild to some of the stuff I've seen people eat! I seen people put pickels on there pizza. Gross! One thing I did find tasty was ketchup on mashed potatoes! Now that is yummm, love! Got to try that :D Have any of you watched that show on travel...