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    Let's Be Controversial

    Anymore when I hear people railing about how they feed their dog only "grain free" food and that's what every dog should eat, I look around to make sure there aren't any sharp objects nearby. I don't have anything against grain free foods and have fed them, but the people doing the preaching...
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    The rest of the gang

    Roxie (my parents')- my Mom's fattening her back up again (up to 19 lbs from 15-16), but she's still thinner than when she first came to live with them (28 lbs)
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    The rest of the gang

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    Annie's 18th :)

    Poor little "leather flap" ears It's both cute and scary when she decides she's up for a little run! O.O
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    Annie's 18th :)

    Had to document the old fart's 18th birthday on 1/10- not too cold out so she even putted around the yard a bit in celebration :) The tribulations of being 2 dogs long and 1 dog wide... The yard was pretty soggy
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    Gusto's DNA Test

    Min pin or Boston? A coworker of mine has a min pin/Boston mix, and he has a croup and tailset just like Gusto's- he's smaller though. Have seen individuals of both breeds with similar tails, so I'd guess maybe either :). Would expect to see more substance in a boston mix, and potentially B/T...
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    Some recent pics of my guys

    Took these in August, while I was taking pics of my Mom's foster kitten (who's since become her foster fail!)
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    Kieber has IVDD.

    Annie has had 1 "episode" of IVDD in her neck which caused her severe general pain and lameness in just 1 front leg, and 1 episode (years later) which didn't seem as painful, but caused more significant neuro signs, stumbling when she walked, etc. The first time I remember thinking she was never...
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    The one that got away?

    About 8 months ago, a man brought a puppy (pit mix?) he'd found into my work to be scanned for a microchip. She was super scared but sweet, thin, and looked like she might have had demodex. Avoided eye contact with pretty much every person who interacted with her. I was giving the man a list of...
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    Spin off: have you ever adopted/kept a dog using your heart exclusively?

    I brought Bus home just for the night to see how he was in a house (housetrained? ok with cats? kids? etc), and once he ignored my cats, tolerated Annie being mean to him, greeted my 5 yr old cousin like they were old friends, and took himself for a swim, I knew I'd regret it forever if I didn't...