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  • I'm tall, too, but the bathroom offers more privacy. Check Youtube tomorrow for "lady shaving her legs."
    Let's just say there better places than the kitchen to shave your legs, Nikki. :nono:
    Of course. :confused: I always stalk you. I'm watching you in your kitchen right now.

    P.S. I love you in a totally non-creepy way. :D
    I don't think he's got it in him to be an egotistical boob, lol. But, like the book said, "it ain't braggin' if you really done it." :D
    Mit is like . . . from another entirely different nerd galaxy, lol. He reminds me so much of my best friend in high school in so many ways. Greg's nickname was Igor, lol. He was so far ahead of everything and everyone as far as science and math went. He was building his own solar furnaces and lasers, he took Arabic in college -- finished two years worth in two semesters, and still managed to have a great, warped sense of humor and read and love good literature. He quit college for awhile and went out as a roadie for Dr. Hook and then some other big names. I lost track of him after that and haven't been able to locate him on the web anywhere.

    Sorry, but being a head techie or a phone tech service person -- or a college student who likes to play the nerd -- doesn't even remotely begin to touch the outer limits of the Demitrious Orbit
    Being married to the guru does help, lol. I get tickled at some of the experts on here. They have NO idea how phenomenally wide the gap is between them and Mit :doh:
    Not any Mac people. Mit was of the opinion that I shouldn't spend the money on having it vetted. I'd likely have to go through the Apple store in Knoxville, or do some digging and see if there's not a guru in the area.
    Totally not going with anything other than a Mac unless there's no possible way to avoid it, lol. Only problem with the refurbs is that they don't come with the iLife (iWord, etc.) loaded; they have some Windows clone set of programs loaded onto a jump drive. And you know THOSE programs will just get dumped onto an external hard drive and I'll never use them, lol. So far everything on the G4 works except the internet connection, and I'm tempted to just get an external airport or something, but it did have some screen issues that seem to have cleared up, so I worry that it will go down and I'll be stuck :( Plus I'm kind of emotionally attached to it, lol :o
    I guess it is. Mit linked me to some spots where I can get a refurb at a really reasonable rate. I've got $300 against the purchase of one. I could go ahead and get another G4 with that, or I may hold off and put some tag money with it and maybe step up a notch, although really, the G4 does everything I need, so that's kind of silly.
    I'll download the pics a little later tonight. Dad's in there on his Mac right now and I'm too wiped out to fight with doing pics on this POS Dell. My little Mac hasn't been able to connect to the internet for awhile :(
    I am SO loving these tags that fired last night. If I wasn't so thoroughly exhausted that I'm afraid I'd screw up, I'd be putting the finish on them tonight. I LOOVE these.
    I need to do it very soon -- to take advantage of enthusiasm, after Christmas shoppers who got collars and Christmas money, who are bored and looking for something new -- and because I need some cash flow.
    I'll probably be asking your advice on things like best place to host a website and howthehelldoIsetthisthingup? :eek:
    I'd planned on setting up an Etsy shop, mostly because Etsy has so much traffic and I can get it going faster. I also need to set up a website, though, for the long haul. I've got some ideas in my head for memorial type pieces and for pieces where one part is a tag for your dog, the other a pendant for you, or corresponding tags for dogs. I've ordered some settings for stones and some CZs as well.
    Up all night running the kiln. And here I was afraid it was going to be another 4 a.m. kiln run :rofl1:
    What helps the most is making sure I wear these Fila versions of the butt exercise sneakers. It was gone completely by yesterday evening -- probably in part because I went to the writing workshop and was around people I tend to relax with. The small amount of beer afterward at Sidestreet probably didn't hurt either, lol.
    Was? Darn. I hoped he was a new fixture!

    Nothing helps a whole lot. The best thing for it is to relax, and I suspect diet has a good bit to do with it as well. I've not been eating enough red meat or other B vitamin laden foods. Aleve helps about as much as anything I'm willing to take. I did get desperate once and took some of the tramadol one of the dogs hadn't needed. Never again. That stuff makes you feel AWFUL. I'm glad Bimmer didn't need it. I'd hate to think I'd done that to HIM :(
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