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    Collection of my photos on flikr

    been gathering up some of my better photos and throwing them all on my flikr... let me know what you all think[email protected]/
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    Before & Afters

    before middle now
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    Bubba sleeping

    Been a while since i posted some pictures... only a little over a week till his 14th birthday... _JAY0126 by SeeingEyeHuman _JAY0118 by SeeingEyeHuman _JAY0083 by SeeingEyeHuman _JAY0081 by SeeingEyeHuman pictures were takes with a Nikon D7000 paired with a 1969 nikon 55mm 3.5 micro...
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    Blurry pictures in low/inside light

    a tripod is definatly worth it
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    Hello from SW Missouri

    Welcome! From St. Louis myself
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    Auto or Manual?

    and most of the lenses i use on my Nikon D7000 are from the 60's-70's, so i am forced in to manual anyway
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    Auto or Manual?

    manual on the dial, and manual focus... i think it takes away from the art of taking pictures of you use auto, and barring having an artificial intelligence run your camera settings... pictures taken in auto will never be the best they could be
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    i set my camera on a tripod, and if i can see lights off in the distance i will focus on them if i can... its hard to focus at night so ya gotta work at it a bit... i had my aperature set at f8 and the shutter speed was maybe 3/4 to a half of a second, mode set for multiple pictures , and i just...
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    yes they were...i was up in to the wee hours of saturday morning taking these
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    We've had some bad storms here in st.louis... these are taken from my balcony... not the best backdrop or foreground, but its good practice only ground strike of the set... i had more but they washed out the photo with light... i will have to speed up the shutter a little bit next time...
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    The really awesome picture thread

    lake of the ozarks missouri (18-105mm kit lens _NKN2680 by SeeingEyeHuman, on Flickr Mid-Quack (18-105mm kit lens) _NKN2692 by SeeingEyeHuman, on Flickr chickens! (50mm 1.8) _NKN0902 by SeeingEyeHuman, on Flickr Field of view sunset (70-300mm) _NKN1498 by SeeingEyeHuman, on...
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    The really awesome picture thread

    some of my pictures, taken with a nikon D7000 and various lenses that i have collected in the past years Missouri farmland (18-55mm kit lens) Slug (55mm micro f2.8 with a 35mm extension tube) this was the single most difficult shot i have ever taken... was in flight, i had a...
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    Photo Critique Thread *For ALL Photos*

    for Red Chrome i noticed all of your subjects are dead center in the photograph... now most of the time this is ok, but its nice to favor one side of the frame or the other, called the "rule of thirds"(this is where you section the frame in to three parts and use the dividing lines on either...
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    Midwest Meet - Chicago area: Saturday, August 24th

    this is awesome, i can get there on one tank of gas, should take close to 5 hours,from st. louis, which isnt bad at all... cant wait! i know bubba got his rabies vac.. a while back cant remember the exact time but his code is 977930, and i am not sure what the park pass is, could you explain it...
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    Week 13: 3/24-3/30 Reflections (52 Weeks 2013)

    not the greatest reflection but here goes...