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    Was just curious

    Ahh, I see. It does make sense to have a tailored leash instead of a dog tracker.
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    Was just curious

    I've seen people suggest me gps dog trackers, but would you guys recommend them? Let's say money isn't an issue, and you go hiking a lot with your dog. Would you guys recommend said tracker, or prefer a longer leash?
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    My dog keeps biting my roommate?

    You could start with discouraging the pup's rough behaviour by just ignoring him when he tries to bark at people. Usually when they bark at people and get a response, they will think it's a good way of communication. As for the biting, I don't really know how to help you with that.
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    One breed or many?

    I would want to get many different breeds, since that would make life more fun
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    Hey there!

    How's it going?