Cocoa, Kitty, Caleb, Ado and Princess - Boxers. Magic, Bowie and Pippin - Borzoi. JoJo and Anchor - Boston Terriers. Phoebe - rat

Raising Boxers and Borzoi, gardening, praising our Lord and Saviour, photography, singing, horses and our daughters - not in this order.
10 dogs and 1 rat


Lena of
Bolerame Boxers and Borzoi Reg'd, Nova Scotia, Canada
Bolerame's Coco Chanel,
Ch.Newalba's No Stripes Bolerame,
Bolerame's Girl on Fire,
Bolerame's Devilishly Good,
Benaha's Cause a Commotion,
Fireball's Sailorboy at Bolerame,
Laureate The Colour of Magic at Bolerame (Borzoi),
Wolfwood's Midnight Aurora (Borzoi),
Laureate's Made Marion at Bolerame (Borzoi).

GrCh.Ch.Tasco's Texas Two Step (Boston Terrier)
Bolerame's Boston Introduction (Boston Terrier)
Bolerame's The Lady Drinks Sambuca (Boston Terrier)
Bonafide N Bolerame's Man On the Moon (Boston Terrier)
HLR Bolerame Lil' Bitta Mexico (Chihuahua)



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