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    Sesame Street Live Tonight

    How cute!!! Thanks for sharing pics!
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    Need advice on how to help grandmother

    On one hand though she does have this sweet lady that is about 15 years younger than her that lives across the steet from her, and that lady comes over all the time with her little dog. So she does have company a couple of times a day, at least.
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    Need advice on how to help grandmother

    I agree, you have some great advice. She really can't get around without help though. She can't even dress herself, she has help come in. She has a walker and she was fine, but recently we found out that she has NO rotator cuff left in her right arm, and the doctor is afraid if they operate...
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    Need advice on how to help grandmother

    I thought of games as well, but I was hoping to find something she felt was worthwhile. I don't know, maybe it will be too difficult to do. :c(
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    Need advice on how to help grandmother

    Recently, we lost my grandfather. He was 91 years old. He and my grandmother were married for 63 years. She is 83 years old. She basically just used to watch whatever he wanted to on tv (usually it was sports,but she didn't mind, she is like me and enjoys them). But now if you go over...
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    Our kitty

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    Our kitty

    Back in February I lost a cat that I had taken in as a stray. I was just to having my three sets of paws running around, so after a few weeks of missing it, I had to adopt another baby. He has become a huge part of my world, and I just love him to pieces. I just wanted to share some photos of...
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    LOL, I think Ive brought her over to the Dark side!

    LOL! Yay for your mom! And you for teaching her the ways!
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    Just sad, sad, sad....

    I feel bad for this poor dog. No one wants him and he is cute and seems to be perfectly sweet. It breaks my heart. Do you have any friends that drive?
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    Picking up Dog Waste..

    Eh, I just use a plastic grocery bag. I figure that I am recycling by not buying more plastic bags to pick it up and you can tie it up real tight so you can't really smell it that much. You can even double bag it if you need. I figure you are saving money and helping to recycle those plastic...
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    Truffles at the lake. So cute.

    How cute!!!! Great pics, thanks for sharing!
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    Brady got sprayed by a skunk

    :yikes:So we were on a hike today, and Brady ran into a baby skunk, and I told him to leave it, but he just kept trying to sniff its bottom, and sure enough the thing got scared enough and sprayed him. Five baths later, of beer, shampoo and skunk shampoo, there is only a hint of a scent left...
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    Quick question

    The same thing happened to me and Brady, except a few houses down. The pit from up the street came running at us out of no where. He attacked Brady and my body just reacted so I can't tell you what to do, because people can tell you one thing, but when the adrenaline runs through you, it is...
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    We had a stray dog come by today

    Oh I really hope so! What a lovely, happy looking boy! I hope that is her boy.
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    what breed is he

    Those were the guesses I had too. I am so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful boy.