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    Possible Chow Mix?

    I think she's Chowder's long lost cousin! We've always guessed chow x golden retriever for him, but it's just a guess.
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    Is it polite to microwave fish at work?

    a while back I had a coworker who was Russian - he microwaved fish soup topped with hard boiled eggs. It smelled sooooo bad.
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    Generic mutts, cairn terrier, lab, pit bull mix and bulldog mix!

    Sam looks so much like Eli, just with longer legs!
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    Shar pei mixes, chihuahua mixes, rottweiler, and a dutchie mix!

    what an exceptionally cute crop of dogs! I seriously can't decide who's the cutest. Noell looks soooo sweet melting into her foster mama, poor girl. MacFarley's "treat please!" move is utterly adorable. Angel is a funny looking one, but in a good way. She reminds me of Chowder a bit. Oh...
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    in the thread on what breeds you don't want to own, there seemed to be quite a few people who didn't care for beagles. I haven't known any beagles very well, but they are a breed I might be interested in, so I was wondering what it is that makes so many people say they wouldn't want one...
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    Songs that you Cannot Stand

    every single Taylor Swift song sounds the same to me. It's not that it's a bad song, it's just the same **** song, over and over and over again. I have the same problem with Dautry. My especial hates: Tubthumping (makes me want to shove my head right through a wall) and that Katy Perry...
  7. B's a full group pic...

    :rofl1: ok, that picture? is adorable.
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    Keeva was attacked by a Dane...

    poor girl! I know how scary that is. I'm so so glad she's ok.
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    Little Snowy

    aw, great pictures! snowy, you are a cutie!
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    Pierced people - captive rings?

    have one in my upper ear and love it - but have never tried to change it. I'm guessing that would be a pain.
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    Saw a dead GSD on the road today. :(

    So sad. :( I always stop and try to catch loose dogs if I can. About 10 years ago one of my dogs got out of my yard and was happily moseying around the neighhborhood while I was getting ready for work. I had no idea he was missing til I went to the back door to bring him in and he was...
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    New puppy pics :-)

    aw, she's beautiful! and it looks like her big sister has taken to her. :)
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    My darling Lucy [5/25/05 - 11/5/11]

    so many sad posts lately. :( I'm so sorry for your loss, run free little Lucy.
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    Riley will be put to sleep on Saturday.

    I'm so sorry. :(
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    Meet Max

    aw! I demand pictures of him and the big boys together!