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    Attention Breed Experts

    Standard (or miniature) poodle!! They are all of the things that you want. My dog goes off leash with us all the time (obviously as long as its a safe area), is up for any training or activity, not reactive at all! Totally one of the most versatile breeds. I shave my guys down into a sporting...
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    Chaz puppies of 2016

    My puppy should be born in the next week or so!!! :D:D Another standard poodle boy!
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    Let's Be Controversial

    Okay, I'll bite. :) I like and use prong collars and E-collars. I do feel like I "know" how to use them though, and use them as a tool. My dog doesn't use or need either now as I've faded them out. I strongly encourage people to rescue dogs, but all my dogs so far have come from good...
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    Unable to load avatar

    I have been trying to upload a new avatar and it is not working. It says that it is unable to save image. I have the correct dimensions, and even tried making it an internet link with no luck. Thanks
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    Dry weather causing dry skin and itching?

    Hello. Yes dogs to get dry skin. As long as you have ruled out other things like you mentioned then I would add some Omega Fatty Acids (fish oil) to his diet. They will help better than lotion will. OFA's are a good idea in any diet as they help many areas of the body.
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Unfortunately you are probably going to have to get a longer/bigger collar. Would he bother the bandage if you spray bitter apple on it? Bandages are tricky though because of little circulation, moisture and temptation for them to lick/chew it off.
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    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    Nickname/Preferred name: Megan Occupation: Certified Veterinary Technician Age: 31 About your dog(s): Draco is an almost 4 yo standard poodle. Luke is a soon to be spring puppy standard poodle Interests: Dogs, my work, family, dog activities, hiking Favorite music: alternative, rock...
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    Hiking with Brooks

    Love the pictures!!!
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    Your family + your pets

    My husband is pretty involved with Draco. I got Draco before I got the husband, so Draco is definatly My dog. He absolutely adores his daddy though! He does not listen to hubby as well as me though for the most part. Its not a big deal because Draco is well behaved in general. We enjoy doing the...
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    Those with multiple dogs...

    Awesome! Thanks for the feedback guys!
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    Those with multiple dogs...

    Do you find that your dogs play with each other? If you brought in a second dog, did the established dog eventually enjoy it and play? Do they initiate play in the house if they are bored, or do you just have two bored dogs that you need to play with? I know that a lot of it depends on the...
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    The Poodle Pop-in

    I remember when you got those boys on the poodle forum! They really have turned out so lovely! Great looking and sounding boys!
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    Favorite leash clip?

    Any idea where I can get a small one? I can barely find a big one..
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    Draco pictures

    Thanks! Draco is a total twerp! Very few regal moments here! He is our only dog currently (though Im pushing for a puppy in the spring). My last dog was a standard too though. Standard poodles are the only breed for me! I have met some great mini and toys too though!
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    Draco pictures

    I don't think that I have ever, or very rarely shared pictures of Draco here! This is Draco, my 3.5yo male standard poodle. He is the most fantastic dog ever (according to us)! ;) He really is such a joy and such a good dog!