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    I need help! I think someone might be raping my dog.

    This is extremely disturbing. Very hard that it related to your dad.
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    Inducing vomit dog

    Hi everyone. Bandit here again. My dog is like constantly eating everything. She is destroying this riverland rental house which I feel bad about and doing everything I can to stop that... But was thinking I want to be prepared if I need to and have heard that to induce vomit in dogs you...
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    Do dogs understand laughter?

    Just a question I have always wondered. I don't think they can understand words. And what is laughter as in "ha ha ha" but words. I guess but then again maybe they sense or feel your emotions. Then they can connotate the sound of laughter with the person's emotion. Is this learned or an...
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    How long does a dog bleed when in heat for the first time?

    Thank you TheDeena you are the best!
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    How long does a dog bleed when in heat for the first time?

    Hi! I recently adopted a Chocolate Labrador rescue. I am new to dog ownership and wondered how long does a dog bleed when first in heat? She has been bleeding for a week now. It is messy. I am living in a rental home in South Florida and trying to be a good tenant. Does a dog bleed longer...