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    Dragon head in progress.

    That is really incredible. I want one. I probably can't afford one. But I still want one.
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    How often do you bathe/shower?

    I typically shower once a day in the evening, so I don't have to wake up early in the AM to do it then. (I also don't blow-dry my hair, so with this arrangement I'm not going to work wet-headed.) If I've got a day off, I might potentially skip a day. But I won't leave the house until I get...
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    Men & women, can they ever be only friends? Your thoughts

    I only read the first page. I seem to always crush on my friends. I guess because its important to me to get along with potential partners, and personality is tantamount. Now that said, since my crushes almost never go anywhere, there are men I can return to just being friends with. Most...
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    Anyone going to the UKC Gateway Nationals?

    Meep! This is this weekend! Got my armbands in the mail today. :D
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    "If you can't afford a vet, you can't afford a pet"

    There is always a possibility of that. Just like its possible that Loki will have problems due to being spayed too early (spay incontinence and whatever else; I'm not a health expert). And her spay was about $150 with supplemental bloodwork. You can't win either way. But right now my intact...
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    OS poll Redux.

    Windows XP Pro. Except, of course, when I'm on my iPad. Then I'm running that iOS 6 YouTubeless crap.
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    Arnold and Sloan

    I miss having play in my house. I have to take Loki out and find non-evil dogs for her to play with. (Although when she went to the canine carnival last week, she did select the Boston and then the blue fawn APBT to initiate the most play with. Go figure.)
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    "If you can't afford a vet, you can't afford a pet"

    I make sure my dogs get what they need, but I am also realistic about it. I don't take my dogs to the vet for yearly check ups or anything like that. We do the minimum shots required (on my adult dogs) and figure out where we can cut costs. Emergencies? Well, no, I don't have an elaborate plan...
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    Can you email a resignation letter...

    Find another job first? Then you just *have* to quit, right?
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    What do you feed your dogs?

    Kibble dry in the AM, kibble mixed with a spoonful of wet in the PM.
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    Tess lure coursing, for comparison

    Sarah! I entered Terra in lure coursing at Gateway nationals this month. Tell me she's going to kick some butt and not vacate the field to slay puppehs. Lol!
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    Would you buy a 'trained' dog?

    Buy a trained dog? Where's the fun in that?
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    UBSDA National - Belgians of Most Flavors...and Stan's Brothers

    I read this as Belgians of MOIST flavors and had to look. Lol! Beautiful dogs. I like the flirting pics.
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    Returning a dog to the breeder - Questions/Rant

    Because I don't roll like that.
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    Returning a dog to the breeder - Questions/Rant

    Um, okay. Yeah. Sure. 8-|