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    Please Help Me: for those feeding raw.

    B.a.r.f. If you are feeding the b.a.r.f. diet the bone ratio is fine. I fed several dogs for years on this diet and had a vibrant healthy animals. What ever diet you choose I would do some research. There are many books out there for instance "Give Your Dog A Bone" By Ian Billinghurst, then...
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    Dont put your puppy in a cargo hold!!!

    Cargo Hold I was told by a Lady who showed dogs to make sure you tell the stewardess to inform the pilot that their is a dog abourd. I think this is a necessity and prevents your dogs fate from resting on a forgetful worker
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    Health Help Sites Listings

    Health I try to educate people on taking care of their pet wholistic. My motto is to get your pet to thrive not just survive. I consider the whole pet: mind, body, and spirit. If anyone has any questions about how to feed their pet naturally or any other questions concerning pets I would be...
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    could this be an ear infection?

    Ear I would clean his ear and put a little vitamin E oil on it which will help it heal and also soothe it if there is any irritation. It does not look serious to me, but I would keep a close eye on it and take him to the vet if the condition worsens Renee
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    Bad breath solution for dogs? Any suggestions?

    Bad Breath Switching to a Raw diet would help for sure but also There is a liquid teeth cleaner you can get at Walmart that is supposed to help. You just put a few drops in their water. I forget the name of it but I know it was at Walmart.
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    Itchy dogs, acanthosis nigricans, and naked armpits.

    Itchy skin Have you tried a change in diet. There are sooooo many possible allergens in dog food. You could try a simple diet of brown rice and chicken or some other non-allergenic meat that is not that common. Just a thought.
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    My Name is Renee, I simply love animals and have studied animal nutrition for over 20 years. I love my dog and want him to have the happiest longest life possible. I wanted to join a forum so that I could learn even more and maybe share some of the knowledge that I have. I have a 45...