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    Leaky gut sydrome

    Yes b'y .. ^
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    Leaky gut sydrome

    IMG_20160531_215832 by babymomma posted Jun 2, 2016 at 10:48 AMHey guys, So for the past 2 years keely has had a bad skin issue, breaking out in little scabby things, itchy and irritated. Back and fourth to the vet, first it was a "food allergy" then it was seborrhea, then it was seasonal...
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    Anybody see this before?

    bad nail normal nail
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    Anybody see this before?

    Hi all! In need of some advice here, one of keely's toenails is well, very large. I noticed it last night, however Saturday past was "grooming day" and I don't think it was enlarged at that point because I bathed her and did a paw pad treatment but I did not cut her nails but I really really...
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    A Goldendoodle is joining the family...

    My brother has a Goldendoodle. He actually came from a pretty good breeder (well, as good as people breeding mixed breeds get I guess) . Hes a really awesome dog. But has ALOT of quirks. Hes very high energy and ALOT of dog. But I like him a lot :) Glad your grandma has a new little buddy...
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    I really like the name Toby for a male dog . Its probably generic , but I like it.
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    Keely will be the death of me, I swear it.

    So occasionally we tether the dogs outside on nice days (not for hours at a time, but for like 30 minute intervals) . *I* always do a check of the yard before I put them out. I came home from work and keely was outside. She looked odd, even from my car. When I approached her she wasn't excited...
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    Vampire dog eats

    I love talon's nose speckles <3 and Art... I love art ! hes friggen adorable
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    Introducing My Pups

    Those friggen little yorkies..... they tend to do that to ya ;) welcome to chaz :)
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    I tell him to be careful around those pitbulls..

    they sure are cute . Keely does the "scratch me with her teeth thing" to me all the time.... it tickles haha
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    Happy 5th Birthday Keely ! <3

    Thanks, :) maybe its just me but I figured turning 5 was a pretty big deal :P
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    Happy 5th Birthday Keely ! <3

    waiting to pounce Going for the kill My other two dogs still exist I promise. They were waiting patiently while keely had her play time . At the end of the day I had a very happy , very tired yorkie :P All done . sorry for the photodump and the horrible quality pictures :P
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    Happy 5th Birthday Keely ! <3

    keelys eyes can get kind of intense when she wants something You seem to have something on your face. God I love this dog what happened to your face? *MORE*
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    Happy 5th Birthday Keely ! <3

    Seriously guys. How did my puppy turn five? I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this dog. I honestly love her so much it friggen hurts. Here's to my first dog, and my first love. The one that taught me what it is to own a dog and how rewarding it can be. There is no doubt in my...