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    Hello from a newbie to this board

    pets with same names That is just too funny Renee! LOL! You know my vet has a dog that looks like my Katie named Katie.... lol
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    Hello from a newbie to this board

    Hello to all of you :) Just a little about myself and my furry friends! My husband and I have an acre out here in WA. We live out in the country and love it! We have 2 dogs, Katie - the blonde, and Evie - the big brown dog. We have 2 cats, Grace and Oliver, and 6 chickens, 3 guinea fowl...
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    bird dog trouble

    ty for your advice. We came home about an hour after this happened though, so from what I've heard, scolding would have been useless. My husband did pick up the duck and she came over and he did show his displeasure, and he pretty much ignored her for a couple hours. This dog does not like to...
  4. Cat Nap

    Cat Nap

    This is typical Oliver. He's always sleeping on his back stretched out or in a strange position.
  5. Evie & Katie

    Evie & Katie

    The girls after a trip to the beach!
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    bird dog trouble

    I have 2 mixed breed dogs, 2 cats, and several chickens and ducks. We adopted both our dogs from the local animal shelter, at different times. Katie, our blonde dog, stays away from the birds, since she was pecked on the nose by an agressive chicken we had at one time. We are having a problem...
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    Do Cats Like Rats Or Mice?

    My cat likes both rats and mice. He also likes rabbits and birds, brings me shrews too. He is a very active hunter and a smart cat. He will bring his prey in the house through the doggie door, and put it in the bathtub, so it can't get away. Needless to say, he hasn't figured out that birds...