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    Properly cleaning Kong toys

    I would suggest soaking your Kong in warm soapy water, to loosen up the peanut butter. After a good soak, you should be able scrub them out using a bottle brush or something similar. Cleaning the nooks and crannies of anything can be a real pain in the butt :P
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    Why do dogs misbehave?

    Does Molly get enough exercise? It's possible that she might be bored - so she's trying to get rid of her excess energy by messing around with the litter bin. Maybe try walking her a little more than usual and see if that lowers her energy levels enough so that she won't misbehave.
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    This doggy showed up at our backyard

    What a cutie! Too bad you couldn't keep him, but at least he's back home with his family, safe and sound.
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    Meet shep

    The blue eyes on him look incredible
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    This is why beagles are perfect family dogs

    The video is so cute!
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    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    I'm not too sure about my Lab, Sugar...she's quite old and has some joint problems :( There's a pitbull at my workplace who is absolutely RIPPED, so I think he would fare much better in a zombie apocalypse.