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    any safe cleaning products??

    I like the smell of vinegar so it doesn't bother me, but my son doesn't like it. The smell doesn't last long, though. I even use white vinegar with my laundry because I read somewhere it's supposed to soften the clothes. I don't really know if it does but I use it anyway. I use Borax, baking...
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    MY dog has seizures.

    My 3-year-old Jack Russell had a seizure last evening. He's been extremely healthy and has eaten all kinds of foreign objects since he was a puppy. He was very destructive until age 2 and ate DVD's, stuffing from a comforter, styrofoam, etc., etc., etc., even my husband's seizure pills, but...
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    any safe cleaning products??

    I use white vinegar too. I also use baking soda for odors. I just cleaned up a mess this morning with vinegar/water/a couple drops of dish liquid in a spray bottle and then sprinkled baking soda on the carpet after I cleaned up the mess. If you want to kill germs on hard surfaces, use...
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    Congestive heart failure, help please

    I had a mini schnauzer who had congestive heart failure when she was about 7. I would highly recommend holistic pet care if you can afford it or if your pet insurance pays for it. If you're interested in holistic pet care, you can find information here: The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood...
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    A working dog in MT

    Welcome to the forum! I would love to visit Montana. I hear it's really nice there.
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    Beef Heart!

    Thank you. I don't know what "publix" is so it's apparently not in my area. I guess I'll just have to keep looking. Was the beef heart out in the meat thing or did you have to ask the meat guy for it?
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    Dangerous pet products

    I found a video on Bark-N-Blog about dangerous pet products and two other videos about vaccines.
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    Raw feeding video

    I just wanted to share my second video of my dogs eating their raw diet. They were started on raw on April 20 and seem to really like it. My older dog (tan-colored one in the video) got very, very sick at the beginning and I thought he was going to die. He pulled through that and is doing...
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    Beef Heart!

    Where did you find beef hearts? I haven't been able to find them yet but am still looking. Did you have to ask the meat guy for them?
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    I just started my dogs on a raw diet in April and introduced fish a couple of weeks ago. I was advised by someone that has fed his dogs raw for a long time that canned mackerel was okay to give them so that's what I did. They scarf it down, so I guess that means they like it. :)
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    Hello, greetings from Lithuania

    Wow! Nice dogs! I used to have a mini schnauzer. Welcome to the forum!
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    I've been doing research on various breeds of dogs but have only researched about 12 so far. I didn't realize how many there were! I have a blog called Pick of the Litter where I post about the different breeds. Maybe you'll find a breed on there that suits you. Anyway . . . good luck on...
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    Rocky How Do I say Goodby?

    I'm sorry about Rocky, too. Your post made me cry. My mini schnauzer (Peppi) died in 2003 about a month before her 9th birthday, and I still miss her even though I now have two other dogs.
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    New from Canada

    Hi Hayley. Welcome to the forum!
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    Howdy from Iowa!

    Welcome to the forum! I have two dogs . . . well . . . one is a "grand dog" that I take care of and he thinks I'm his mommy, an almost 3-year-old Jack Russell named Vito, and the other one is really mine, a 5-1/2-year-old collie/terrier mix named Barret.