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    I want to do a cross breed

    Seriously? Don't be a moron.
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    Chihuahua Pekingese mix?

    What on earth is a Malshi? Probably good you can't find a breeder of mutts, or mixed breeds. Go to a shelter if you want a mixed breed. No way a breeder like this could be ethical.
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    That is a beautiful looking dog! At the shelters here we call them Border Collie mixes lolol.
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    Kenya has Hookworm and Giardia

    they are not illnesses, they are parasites. dewormer will take care of them. the vast majority of puppies are born with worms and also the vast majority of dogs and cats will get some form of parasite in their lifetime. In fact, that goes for people too! :yikes:
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    SO Many at Gassing Pound (Ohio)

    well I just saw the link after I posted that. I will see if we can do anything.
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    SO Many at Gassing Pound (Ohio)

    Where is this shelter located and what is it called?? I will see if our intake coordinator at my shelter can transfer some dogs in. We are very low right now and surprisingly don't have very many owned dogs waiting to be surrendered at the moment.
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    Frontline for dogs and cats??

    NO NO if the dog and cat weigh the same that makes no difference. The CORRECT dosage for a cat is .5cc/mL if you are buying dog Frontline or Frontline Plus. DO NOT GIVE THE SAME AMOUNT FOR A DOG AND A CAT NO MATTER WHAT SIZE. The Advantage dosage is a little different and I can give you that if...
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    Hair loss and allergies...

    My boyfriends dad is having a problem with his 11 year old dog Senji. I am just going to paste in the email he sent me. I am just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or additional things he might be able to try. Anything at all. He is quite desperate. Funny thing is that the dog is not...
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    Frontline for dogs and cats??

    Yes but you have to put the correct dosage. We buy extra large dog frontline and dose it down for the kitties. Cats get .5mL/cc so if you have a way to measure that out, that is all the cat gets.
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    Confused about finding a quality cat food..

    Can someone PM me and tell me what site you are talking about? I think I know bc I am on there too. What I believe though is this.... feed what works for your cats, some cats will do wonderfully on foods like Evo, but for other cats they are much too rich. That goes for many different brands...
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    I need cat help please.

    have you tried
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    I need cat help please.

    Try completely separating them and act like they are two brand new cats meeting for the first time. Leave them apart from each other for a few days, feed them on either sides of the door so they can smell each other. Also any time you see one cat sleeping on a blanket or towel or something, put...
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    So, what breeds are on YOUR future list?

    I love huge dogs. I would like an Irish Wolfhound and a Great Dane I also like red nose pit bulls and I Dog de Bordeaux Some sort of huge shaggy coated Malamute or wolf mix might be cool too. I do like Shelties as well. All rescues of course.
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    No Milk. Puppies still Nursing fine?

    oh good glad to hear that
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    No Milk. Puppies still Nursing fine?

    Just curious, I am kind of afraid to ask... what breed is the father of the puppies?