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    How Prepared Are You?

    No bag per se Because one of my hobbies is back country camping, I'm pretty much set for anything, including treating water. Our normal pantry has about a week of food and if I'm getting ready to go camping, I have at least 2 weeks worth of dehydrated foods in portions large enough to keep...
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    Love mine enough I have several pair. I have the Komodo LS's and a couple of others, but the Komodo LS's are my favourite. Mine get drenched regularly in the spring, summer and fall as I use them kayaking. I also basically live in them for those seasons, hence why I have two pair of these...
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    For Andrew

    Hey Smkie, I really like this. What I find most impressive is between the two main trunks, all the branches seem to provide a 'background' which has an amazing texture. Beautifully done!
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    Photo Critique Thread *For ALL Photos*

    Sizing aside, Cali, for the dog shots, I'd suggest getting lower. That change in perspective will yield photos that are more gripping. Don't be afraid to shoot up close and wide for a different kind of portrait as well. As for the photo of your mother, I'd suggest watching your background...
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    Happy new year!

    A happy new year to all of you! :)
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    Photo Critique Thread *For ALL Photos*

    Red Chrome, The long and short of it is you have a real knack for shooting both people and pets. Take control of the camera a bit more by slipping into aperture priority and experiment with your depth of field. Also be wary of backgrounds that are especially bright. Play with the angle...
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    Camera people: Canon 50mm f/1.4 or f/1.8?

    The difference is exactly 1/2 of a stop. You don't gain a huge amount of extra light, extra view-finder brightness or added bokeh for the cost you pay over the 1.8. Unless you really need the half-stop, you're better sticking with the 1.8. For the money, they're the best bang for the buck...
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    Photo Critique Thread *For ALL Photos*

    It's funny how naughty, below the belt and my name get tossed around together. :D I'll have a thorough once-over a bit later tonight, but for CrystalGSD, when there's a lot of snow or sand in the photo - even in the background - try giving +1 or 2 to the exposure compensation. Play around...
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    Canadian, Eh?

    SW Ontario here. Grass is greener now than it was in July.
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    All in how you interpret it

    Amen. :D
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    Would you use GPS to track your child?

    I've never been given a reason to track my kids, but I have no issues tracking them by any means if I deem it required. On the flip-side, they also know I can and will do that, so that knowledge may just be the ounce of prevention needed. They also know that if they try turning said features...
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    Best betta desk setup?

    You're probably okay with that. Also, if I recall correctly, they do some mouth-breathing at the surface - but you'll want to double check that.
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    For Andrew

    I love it! That first one has the perfect point of view. The second begs the question, is it coming or going? I ask because it looks like something that could be photographed for hours. And did I mention that first one is brilliant?!
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    Changling, one of my garden dwellers

    Cute little sucker! Great shot of the butterfly as well. :)
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    snake in the grass

    Love the first shot, smkie! Great pose he gave you, and you nailed it perfectly.