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    Need puppy Vibes!

    Yay! Sorry to ask since I have seen any of your other posts, but can I see pics of your bitch and stud? :D
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    Post Pictures of your Dogs as Puppies

    Paisley as a puppy the first day I got her. Paisley just a couple weeks ago.
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    How to fix this

    I haven't read any of the other comments since I'm being lazy, so I apologize if someone has already said this. But maybe try making her sit in front of the open door and don't let her out until she sits there calmly. In the video the second that door opens she immediately starts getting tense...
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    Trick of the Week: Rebound!

    I will definitely be trying this trick with my girl Paisley this week! I can't guarantee anything more than pictures, though. (We don't have a video camera and I don't have a remote for my camera so even then the pictures may not be that great.) Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be stocking...