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    Trainer in Chandler AZ?

    Hello All, I am looking for a trainer in Chandler Arazona, near Phoenix, for a client. I am hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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    What's the big fuss about Nutro Dog Food?

    Wow. Sounds like someone needs to do some more reading. I sincerly hope that no one reading this will simply take this person's word for it. Nutro is NOT the best that you can get. Far from it. (Especially now that they have been bought out.)
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    iam so excited no more dog food questions found perfect one

    I'm curious. I e-mailed them for more info. Some of their food looks good enough to eat! Hmmm....I just saw this: I have to say, I haven't heard that one before.
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    Mix owners! New DNA test!

    Hmm...the letters BSL just popped into my head. I can see it now..."they" will be able to prove that the dog is 1% pit/staffy/whatever the hell they want, and the dog will vanish. As a lab something owner, I would love to know for sure what else is in my boy, but this makes me nervous.
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    Finally saw "Divine Canine"

    While he did produce results...I was not impressed, especially with the corrections with the prong with the bulldog. I'm sure he is a very nice man, I just think that his methods are outdated. JMO.
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    CA Manditory Spay/Neuter Bill

    I agree. But the "good breeders" out there would make it work. If it slows down all of the puppy mills and the BYB, I'm all for it. If it keeps families from breeding thier dogs so their children can experience the "miracle of life" I'm all for it.
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    CA Manditory Spay/Neuter Bill

    While I believe that the age is too young, I think the reasoning for the age was that it is not possible for the scum of the earth (BYB) to breed their dog before they hit the age limit. For some reason, the other link isn't working. Here is the complete bill. While most of the people...
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    CA Manditory Spay/Neuter Bill This is a bill that they are considering in CA. What do you think? Honestly, I hope that it passes. There are far too many ignorant or just plan stupid people in this world who think...
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    Hi...I have a breeder question!

    I didn't see anything about health screenings on the site... with Saints, that makes me nervous.
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    mixed vegies

    Are you using the veggies for filler or for the vitamins? Dogs can't break down whole veggies, so if you want her to get anything from them, you will have to puree them. Both of my guys get a cup of frozen green beans mixed in with their canidae for Breakfast and dinner. I use them as a...
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    Natural Balance vs. Candiea for 8 yr olds

    I have both of my guys on Canidae, and have converted quite a few of my clients. I love the formula, and love the price. BUT...I did pick up a "bad bag" the other day. I got it home, opened it up, and it smelled like death. It wasn't out of date, just a bad bag. I called the company and...
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    Suggestions for low-calorie dog foods

    I'm feeding the ALS and it's 468 kcal/cup. I went with this formula because of the mutiple protein sources. Actually, on the site, it says if you want a 75-100 lb dog to loose weight, it should be around 1.5-3 cups a day. I went with the higher end of the scale and my boy looks great...
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    Suggestions for low-calorie dog foods

    Someone recommended (and my vet agreed) that supplementing with frozen green beans would also help cut weight back. I am happy to say that my once 86 lb lab (who looked more like a pot belly at the time) is now down to a healthy 61 lbs in 5 months. I didn't increase his exercise, just cut his...
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    Newfoundland Saves Drowning Setter newf must be confused. He tries to drown me nearly every time we swim.
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    German Shepherds declared dangerous

    LOL! My 102 lb, 7 month old newf is a deadly weapon. He'll drown you in drool. Or maybe sit on you. Yup...that's a horrible way to go.