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    Louise (& my black GSD)

    After a 12 hour round trip Louise is home and settled in Lou and Nika Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its gonna get me! Nika kisses Louise Looking bewdiful What say you??
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    New pup

    Yep...there will be some of her with the new pup in the new thread (Nika does have a thread of her own here somewhere too i think)
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    New pup

    New girl Louise is home Pics going into the pic section :)
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    Aura vs. the Lemon

    That is a crackup lol. Even my other half had a laugh!
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    Abe in the daffs

    Stunning pics!
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    Herd of Border Collies...

    Awesome photos! Love the little terrier, specially the pic where he looks like ít's flying lol
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    New pup

    Thanks I already have a black longcoat GSD :)
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    New pup

    I am picking up my new German shep pup tomorrow. I am excited. Her name is VomSS Louise, a lovely sable girl! Pics onces shes home and settled!
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    2.5ft Kribensis tank

    :) Home to a male and 2 new female kribs (1 female is colouring up beautifully, once they pair up the other female will be removed), 4 platy females and some cherry shrimp
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    Goldie tank

    Thanks guys The background is DIY yes :) The tank is approx (without background) is 40gal. I'm not a real fan of comets, but i do like the fancies
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    Goldie tank

    FTS The fantail is quick and i cannot get a clear individual pic of it (need better lighting) The 2 ryukin
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    4ft planted

    Updated pic
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    Betta tank

    Thanx :) D'Artagnan is in da house!! Has settled into his new home beautifully, busy exploring and hunting cherry shrimp
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    5ft cichlid tank

    Thank you Yes they are live :)
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    Betta tank

    I pick up my new betta boy tomorrow. This is where he is going to live. There are some cherry shrimp in there currently, he will either leave alone or have some yummy snackage *L*