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    What would have you named your dog?

    Gwen was Bunny at the shelter. We quickly changed that. I can't imagine her as Bunny. I let the ex name her for a character in a favorite book. I think Gwen suits her. I like human names for dogs.
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    The Good News thread

    I got a dog job! So excited!!! :banana:
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    Is the "honeymoon" period actually a thing?

    This is perfect timing. Well SO and I had been together 4.5 years. We were long distance for a year and then moved in together. I think for the first... 3 years we were very happy and lovey. But it's very difficult living with someone. Neither of us had ever been on our 'own' and going...
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    Flight Rising Sale Thread

    Yes to both please! I'm starting to get into Tundras
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    Flight Rising Sale Thread

    Got a couple that didn't sell. 5k
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    The Venting Thread

    Depression is just kicking my ass again. I have so many people on my side this time around but the fact that I have no income right now is not helping. Just hoping I can get a call back this week and not have to forfeit my leave of absence. Ugh.
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    Flight Rising?

    So this is what happens when you let your boyfriend pick a breed and mates.... With this thing More like Bleeding Eyes. He said he wanted red. He got red. At least the babies are not uber fugly. :lol-sign:
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    The Venting Thread

    Had a panic attack/melt down the other day. I haven't been to work in three days because of it. Pretty sure I'm going to get fired but I was planning on quitting. Just... not how I wanted it to go. I'm so thankful my SO is helping me through this. It's hard to explain to co-workers why I can't...
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    Zander...Feb. 14th 2005 - Jan. 18th 2015

    Well... you know how I feel. I'm so sorry for your loss. I love you both and I'm sorry I won't get to see him. My heart goes out to you. <3
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    Because of sillysallys thread-what do you and your so splurg on or love?

    Mine are pretty similar to blackrose's. Dog stuff, obviously. Pet stuff in general, though. I have Gwen as well as my cat Fiora and our new rattie girls, Ember and Pearl. I have gotten a lot of stuff for my rats recently. We game a lot. SO got an Xbox One for Christmas so we're still...
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    SS Photos (Plus... Mia being Mia)

    Adorable! I always think of Mia when I get the squeaky tennis balls. Gwen enjoys them too just not to the extent Mia does.
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    Flight Rising?

    Got a Fae female that I don't need if someone wants her.
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    International phone plan question!

    It will charge you. Not sure if it will charge both ways but it will charge if you text him
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    Official 2014 Card Exchange Sign Up!

    Mine too actually. Just got it back and I was confused.
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    Ruffwear Front Range Harness

    Love mine. I recommend it