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    So what do I need to do....

    I wish I had anything to offer, but I'm fairly sure this ship has sailed
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    New look

    *wipes feet before coming in* Everything is so shiny and clean! Going to take a bit to get used to and learn. I feel old, hahaha
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    Can't access from my computer?

    Just seeing this... Is the issue ongoing or is it resolved? And how do you attempt to access from your computer? Do you follow a link or type in
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    I've 3D printed a new dog gadget and would love your opinion

    I think it's a neat idea. I would try it if the price was reasonable. Honestly though, I would STILL wrap the 'extra' lead around my wrist/hand while using the Leash Mate because it makes me feel safer, as though I have a better grip on the lead if something should go tangent. :)
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    Does Your Dog Invent Rules?

    Orson? yes, but not as extreme as Leo :p He's big on making (and keeping) boundary rules...not entering/exiting places without permission (like Leo) but then he's big on NOT following rules I make for him! Go figure! LOL Crowley? He still peeps around to see if I'm watching before...
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    Poop bags

    ^that. It's annoying trying to get them open (and sometimes even getting them ripped off the roll!) when I only have my 2....can't imagine trying to open one while holding any more! LOL
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    Registered Name Ideas

    I really like Morgan's Krypto Flying High! I have no original suggestions, I'm terrible at this kind of thing, LOL
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    Have you been turned down by rescues?

    Well apparently Catdog does happen, their fears are legit!! LOL
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    Have you been turned down by rescues?

    Never been turned down/away BUT...we own our house, do have a fenced in backyard, no intact animals, and keep all 'required by law vaccinations' up to date. I do know/am friends with people who HAVE been turned away because of not owning their home and the fence issue. Of course it drove them...
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    Prong collars

    I hope you find a way to get past it StompinT, for you and your dog :) I'm glad you stopped feeling bad about it Southpaw, you are a wonderful owner who tries their best and loves their dog/s. Anyone who judges you based on a tool you need isn't worth your time anyway :) I've tried...
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    Shameless ask for likes, to make a 5 year old a real life unicorn!!!

    Done :) I would like to add that I like the name "Millie Starlight Sprinkles" even better than the drawing....very creative naming :D
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    Prong collars

    ^That is exactly what I was going to respond to Brushnazzy. And honestly, THAT was about where I was with Orson's pulling. As I stated before, I struggled with him for TWO YEARS of walks EVERY DAY. He acted like a dog who never got walks each time! The crazy dink even pulled with a gentle...
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    Prong collars

    For Orson, (at age 9 now) the prong is about his crazy pulling. I can't say I am using the prong to train him really and that's on me. It's just a deterrent from the pulling and as long as he has it on, his manners are great. Hence the flexi/prong combo when we are hiking/camping. It allows...
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    Prong collars

    I can't say I'm experienced in all things Flexi, but the recoil in the flexi I personally use on Orson is as close to negligible as it gets. Honestly, he gets more pressure/correction on his leather lead from his own pulling than he's ever experienced with the flex. I also wanted to say in...
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    Prong collars

    1. Not against them as long as the person is using them appropriately. 2. Yes, I would and do use a prong collar on Orson. It wasn't my first choice, I tried several different things before a prong but I wish I had tried it sooner! For two years I struggled every. single. day. on our...