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    Senior Sick?

    14 yr male Chi, hasn't eaten at all today, doesn't express any interest even when I try to feed him by hand. He has a dry nose. He has been drinking water all day. He past a bowel movement in the morning & has pee'd 3 times today (normal for him) Plus his stomach has been making gurgling...
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    soo bummed...

    Thanks BabyMomma! ;) I haven't been on WLF for about 5 months now, I had one of the mods delete my account. I can be found on, anotherdietforum. I have a Raw Foods Challenge I have been journaling there. Alot of regulars from WLF from about a year ago can be found there too! As for running...
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    soo bummed...

    A couple of years ago I wanted to start some kind of new funky dog walking/running business, which I've than added other different aspects to it, still on the drawing board type of thing. & I came up with 6X LEGZ. The few people I talked about it with, never seemed to get what's with the 6xLegs...
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    Thank You for your insight here:, as I am quite new to...

    Thank You for your insight here:, as I am quite new to handling dogs. I want to give my guy ( or girl later on) the best life that I can! I need to do some research! :)
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    Chi & Small Breed Owner's Question

    Thanks for the responses. I got this mixed up with: *for puppies*, Usually the guide lines for leaving puppies alone, crated, would be to take how many months old they are and plus one equals how many hours they should be able to stay alone for.. but I am getting an adult. :) I'm...
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    Chi & Small Breed Owner's Question

    Hello, my question to you is, with a small Chi, can they be left alone for longer than 3-5 hours or would they need to have a buddy to do so? Such as another small dog? Thanks! :)
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    I want...

    Check out in *lost dogs* you will need a zip code. Put in Pugs Animal Shelter adopt a pet; dogs, cats, puppies, kittens! Humane Society, SPCA. Lost & Found.
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    Craziest things you've seen people do while driving

    Eating, having to unwrap something, anytime they're multi-tasking, looking back at a child, having a dog on their lap with the window down (makes me nervous) as I've seen a few accidents when the dog goes flying out the window because it was sitting half out of it whilst on their owner's lap)...
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    warning rant: weight freak out ahead. and exercise help

    Easy or not, it is INCORRECT. & for ppl that are first starting out, it gives wrongful ideals. It is not hard to type out the line that I did, furthermore, it is NOT difficult to explain... When I work out, my body tells me I need to eat more, but I don't. When you're training for a race...
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    warning rant: weight freak out ahead. and exercise help

    Muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. Muscle is denser than fat, so a pound of muscle is SMALLER than a pound of fat. Human's DO NOT put on Winter If you're eating more than the cals you're putting out (exercise), you're going to gain no matter what season. Check out...
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    Christmas Gift Issue... HELP!

    this^^^ Guess you're not moving out of home any time soon....cuz than you'd have yours & she'd have hers. :)
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    20 questions

    Is he a Politician?
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    20 questions

    Is he a Celebrity?