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    Hi :)

    Hello! My name is Maridyth. I have three dogs and a cat. :) My dog's names are Velcro (Yorkie/Poodle mix), Chloe (Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix), and Ringo (Australian Shepherd mix). Just introducing myself :) You can see my dogs (and my cat) here...
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    What is my dogs breed?

    I just put a new picture of his whole face on the link. His profile when I adopted him was that he was a 2 year old miniature Australian Shepherd mix. Thank you all for your guesses on him :) I really appreciate it. I actually find it fun trying to figure out a dog's breed when he is a mix. :)
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    What is my dogs breed?

    He is about between 30-50 pounds. I'm bad at guessing weight. He is going to the vet soon so I'll let you know then. But he is good with other dogs, he hasn't shown any herding behavior yet but I've only had him for 1 day. They aren't sure about any of his history as he was a stray. Would he...
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    What is my dogs breed?

    I just adopted my boy, Ringo. The rescue said he was an Australian Shepherd mix. What do you think?