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Tthanks and sorry for the pic quality - i'm still trying to figure this downloading thing out. No they're not related. I wanted a boxer more than anything when my dog got ran over. I put the word out and in a few days a man e-mailed me saying he had a registered boxer he'd give us. He bought these dogs for breeding puropses only and for medical reasons had to get the male fixed. To him the dog was no longer valuabe so he wanted to get rid of him immediately and purchase another male to breed with his female. That's how we aquired Tyson. About 4 weeks later he called us again saying his female (Princess) had stopped eating and needed to be put back with the male before she died ('of a broken heart I claim') of starvation...she was literally starving herself to death because she missed him so bad!! Because she was still "usable" - his words not mine - we had to buy her off him instead of him just giving her to us like the other but we didn't mind at all - it was worth it. We still got a good deal - 2 for the price of one!! They really are inseperable. I love my babies!!

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