The Strange love continues

They are best buds
Have u posted the story about these two? I am very interested how this came to be. We had a lizard that the cat did they come to be friends? All ears and eyes to know! Thanks for sharing this
Our cat Virgil was less than a year old when I adopted the Bearded Dragon who is 3 years old and is named Stubbie because he is missing most of his right front leg. We live in the country on 5 1/2 acres. Virgil is an indoor outdoor cat and is a expert hunter. He has brought home thousands of moles and mice. One day he even brought home a snake that was about 3 and half feet long he had a bit of trouble with that one he kept tripping over it and it was not dead just a few puntures. We don't know why the two of them took a liking to each other, I guess that will always be their secret, but Virgil has access to the tank Stubbie lives in and comes and goes as he pleases. He usually sleeps with him at night.Stubbie never seemed to mind and I think he likes Virgil for his warmth.
What an unlikely friendship. That is SO sweet! What a precious story.

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