Tawney and Topaz

This is a picture of Tawney(L) and Topaz(R) doing their favorite thing...laying in the snow.
I see why you named her Topaz. Her eyes are exactly the color of blue topaz. What a beautiful pair. Huskies are surely one of the most beautiful of all the breeds.
Oh my ......Topaz reminds me of my Corgan and Tawny is absolutly beautiful. I want more, and more and more!! Phyl
here I am again, looking at the picture of Topaz and Tawny. I can't tell you how much I love them. absolutley beautiful. Phyl
Yep, Phyl, sounds like Corgan's got you right where he wants you! Better watch out or you'll end up with a housefull of gorgeous, pampered Huskies!
what beautiful dogs! My huskies dont seem to like cold weather...Codi loves being under a blanket...not much of a snow dog is he :) But I still love him to pieces!
Makes me wanna go rush out and adopt one right NOW. Make my heart melt. ^_^

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