Stub TV 1

Come on in the water is great!
have you posted this guy's story anywhere? I would love to know more about him. Most lizards get a jail cell, your's looks like he got a life. I am happy for him and you!
I use to put my son in his highchair a few feet away from the fifty gallon tank i had. There were two dragon blood koi in there. I called it baby tv. your lizard has such a good owner. I really enjoy seeing him/her.
It's funny cause I have always been a bit afraid of reptiles. I am deathly afraid of snakes. I saw this guy and a Sulcata tortoise and could see they were not being cared for properly so I got the owner to sell me both for $100. There is a wonderful organization who places Sulcata tortoise with people who have the right habitats and enviroments. I adopted out the tortoise and kept Stubbie. I studied about the proper care for Bearded Dragons and have tried to make him a good home. We ended up falling in love with him. He has so much personality. He responds to our voices and likes to cuddle. I hate it when people get these reptiles and then leave them in a tank in a back room somewhere. They have the same desire for attention as a cat or a dog and they like to be held and talked to. They can feel lonely, pain, hunger, fear and love just like any other pet. They have very specific diets and need lots of exercise.

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