Ringo The Bulldog

Ringo is really a pussycat :)
Great looking, no, Beautiful Dog. The photo reminds me of the classic painting of the fighter. I can't remember which artist it was; I want to say Goya, but I have absolutely no confidence in that.
The rating system is for honesty, well, I am just being honest.
Absolutely no offense, but What an ugly beast! Is there anyone else that wonders this as I am wondering?
Seriously, what good is this dog? How gross

If I was a child, I'd have unending nightmares (and daymares) after viewing this photo!!! I would run away if I had to live with this animal.

I am sooo serious! How can anyone get anything out of this pic.???
Is it a joke?

PLEESSEE tell me, I would REALLY like to know, I need to understand where people are coming from who think this is anything but dreadful. Please enlighten me, I am sooo curious, maybe you might show me something I'm not seeing hear. Hmmm?

Honestly, this picture horrifies me that a beast like this is allowed to breed!
That is really a gorgeous dog. You have to be interested in pit bulls to love their look. If you don't know anything about that breed of dog, then you won't like them. Mostly, you won't understand them...I love pit bulls. I have one myself. My dad raised them the whole time I was growing up. Beautiful dog!!!
I'm sorry, I just realized he may be an American bulldog. I really haven't seen many pictures of them, but I do know that they are a little bigger than the English.

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